Loyal to rise and open the adjustable air and liquid is increased

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The type is chosen: The intersection of KC and series - atmospheric pressure empty to move journey - increase the intersection of pressure and journey and maximum allows the load - voltage Example: KC1-60-15-1000Kg/cm2-AC220V
Operation instructions: Connect up power, make, present alert status, push push button at the same time, primary part fast journey positioned, through time control, pressurized movements, pressurization is finished after appropriate time setting, the basic shaft rises, push emergency stop (scram switch) while meeting the urgent state The electric apparatus of the push button controls the broken circuit, the main shaft forces to go back in the initial point, should remove while and then operating (scram switch) Push button, make present alert status.
Notes: It is ( ISOVG32) to increase the specialized movement oil of dashpot ,Use for 500,000 times or please change the movement oil of oil pressure eight months later, should change in time when the oil emulsifies phenomena, the lubricating oil of triple associations please use the oil that ISOVG32 or is analogous to the specification, water removing the water filter in time keeps clean.
Operate the main point: The dropping speed of basic shaft by the valve setting of speed control, if need normal climb, can appoint to use the quick exhaust valve, the speed governing of the blower has certain restriction (20-25 times / minute) Have already regulated to the appropriate speed before being dispatched from the factory, has exerted oneself and adjusted, has been increased the dashpot and reduced pressure valve setting specializedly.

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