Cast and press the warm machine 137,717,316,170,000 sharp army of mould for casting

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Concrete content: Press the warm machine of the mould for casting to introduce briefly: Characteristic:
1.Use 350 ¡æ of temperature at most
2.The touching type of the microcomputer is controlled
3.It is angry to start the machine to arrange automatically
4.The mould goes back the oil, pump return to and smoke the function
5.OMRON, FUJI, TE control part
6.European butterfly's valve or flange ball valve
7.Pump horsepower and heater energy can be had made to order
8.It can be had made to order and many machines are on-line
9.Reveals, maintains and does not use professional personnel in trouble

Safe protection and instruction system
1.The power is owed and protected
2.Defend leaking electricity and protecting the switch
3.Pump overturn protection and indicator lamp
4.Overload protection of the pump and indicator lamp
5.Overheated to protect and carry on the shoulder the main indicator lamp
6.The hot oil BY-PASS lets out and presses the return circuit
7.Answer the oil temperature reveal table
8.Unusual alarm buzzer
9.Lack oil protection and indicator lamp

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