ZM500 series nickel hydrogen battery measures and sorts the system

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ZM-500 series the intersection of nickel and the intersection of hydrogen and battery measure, it sorts systems to be suitable to produce the intersection of nickel and hydrogen, the intersection of nickel and cadmium, nickel zinc battery, measure the apparatus sorted automatically on a large scale. The control system adopts the latest DSP digital signal treatment technology, have advantages such as intelligent, management powerful, high dependability, high accuracy, measuring the fast, easy to operate, easy safeguarding, low price,etc.. This apparatus has adopted the intelligence digitized switch power of our company, the battery is turned into tests the field is initiated exclusively outside China, realize battery discharge patented technology that energy utilize. Actual energy-conservation is more than 60%, namely has saved the electric energy, reduced the production cost, prevent the intersection of battery and heat produced to discharge from make the ambient temperature rise again, help to keep the indoor ambient temperature. Performance: Designs and makes for the battery production in enormous quantities specially, single test counts and is up to 1152 points, finish the automatic detection of nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, nickel zinc battery and sort accurately and high-efficient. The apparatus adopts the two-sided module structure, handsome in appearance and saving the space of occupation of land, field maintenance is convenient, swift. The system adopts the centralized control of the computer, each computer controls 8 pieces of working bench. Line four battery jig, suitable many kinds of type batteries, make the upper and lower shelves of battery convenient, swift, working efficiency is high. The computer software is easy to operate, performance is steady, can store, reveal, print characteristic curve of each battery and intact test data. The computer software is offered the categorised method of many kinds of batteries. The next machine adopts the liquid crystal display of the large screen, operate interfaces and adopt the whole Chinese to reveal, ocular, succinct, friendly. Fill, discharge the abnormal warning function of the electric current, emit the light of sound when the electric current is abnormal, wish to call attenbant's attention. There are location paying machine and the next machine that lose the electricity to protect the function doubly. The system has adopted intelligence digitized switch power and battery of our company have discharged energy has utilized technology. In adopt, discharge under energy utilize again situation of system, heat that discharge can guide to outdoor, help to keep the ambient temperature of the office work, reduce the load of the air conditioner, save energies. Products the intersection of voltage and the intersection of range and the intersection of 此 and the intersection of unit and the intersection of electric current and the intersection of range and the intersection of 此 and the intersection of unit and the intersection of quantity and the intersection of 此 and every unit count 此 each test, count the intersection of ZM-502AN and 0.2-2V此此 0.02-2A此此 16 every o'clock such as 此 such as type 此 72此此此此此 1152ZM-502此此 0.2-2V此此此 0.02-2A此此 8此此此64此此此此此 512ZM-503AN 0.2-2V此此 0.03-3A此此 16此72此此此此 1152ZM-503此此 0.2-2V此此此 0.03-3A此此 8此此此64此此此此 512ZM-505此此 0.2-2V此此此 0.05-5A此此 8此此此64此此此此 512

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