The synchronous controller device of the generator, the synchronizer is synchronous and stiff

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Automatic synchronous controller Type: Series SY-SC-202X

Series SY-SC-202X are automatic the synchronous controller is specially in order to control the diesel oil generator to connect in parallel, electronic frequency modulation autotracking that is incorporated into the power networks and designs, adjusting the same one to shut the floodgate system. In the many kinds of extensively suitable for imported / produce by China and high-speed the intersection of diesel oil and generator stand side by side, make, move ahead simultaneously, equal to the floodgate automatically automatically run.

The products function:

1,Regulate the precision high, the low temperature drifts about
2,Follow and regulate synchronously fast
3,Shut the relay of the floodgate to export in the same term
4,Shut the angle 0~20o of floodgate adjustably to control
5,The phase place error is compensated
6,Follow PI synchronously ' Proportion, total mark) It is controlled that adjustable
7,The synchronous phase place is locked ' Can cooperate and use and shut time of floodgate longer non- pre- energy storage to shut the electronic switch of the floodgate)

Act as and synchronize a generator with other generating set or electric wire netting running, must protect its frequency, phase place and voltage grade to match. The attachment module that the SY-SC-202X series throttle regulates can adjust generator and main electric wire netting and obtain equal exchange frequency and phase place relation, and have certain detection function in the same term. When it is most suitable to reach in the speed of the generating set, output one and shut the floodgate signal synchronously for the generating set, the time to move ahead simultaneously normally is less than 3 seconds.

Source: Three family property scientific and technological Co., Ltd. of Guangzhou

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