Hinder the tester in ZM3000E battery

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ZM3000E hinder tester is to hinder the tester in the high accuracy of the design for battery two times specially in the battery, can measure and hinder in nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, nickel zinc, lithium ion, lithium polymer battery and exchange of the battery group. Used in battery manufacturer two times, scientific research institutions and battery and sold the accurate measurement of the unit to hindering in the battery extensively. ZM3000E is the regeneration product that our company put out on the basis of hindering the tester in DK-3000A battery, adopt numerical control, increase the serial interface, can connect the computer. Performance: The standard machine case, the appearance is exquisite, handsome in appearance, carries and convenient. Adopt and carry sub measurement four times, can dispel and is exposed to the measurement error that the resistance brings. Specialized card seat type, table pen type survey tool, are suitable for customer's choosing. Have voltage measurement functions, while showing hindering in the battery, reveal the voltage value of examining the battery. Can last computer interface through being serial,from at there control tester is location machine management software. Offer the communication interface agreement of the location going machine, help customers work out the management software according to the need. Can set up the voltage, range hindered inside, can call the police to the battery not up to standard, wish to call staff member's attention. 2次 / 200m次 range changes automatically. It is single that suitable for measuring and is less than or equal to various types within 20V and make the battery up. Hinder and measure the 此此 accuracy 此此此 of 此此's resolution ratio of 此此此此此此's range of 此此此此此此此此此's voltage measurement in the products type 此此此此此此此此此此此's resolution ratio 此此 accuracy ZM-3000E200m次 0.1 m次 1% RD +5dgt20V0.01V1% RD +5dgt此此此此此此此 2次此此 1 m次 of 此此's range 此此 1% RD +5dgt此此 20V此 0.01V此此 1% RD +5dgt

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