BHC explosion-proof pierces through the line box

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It is direct, three direct links, Stone, curved open several kinds design that BHC explosion-proof pierces through the most common form of the line box. It is in charge of passing by and crossing and sealing and protecting used mainly in wiring managing with the wiring tube, wiring with wiring tube of walling. Superior, installation is convenient, protect the higher advantage of the grade to have anti-blast performance. Suitable for a district, dangerous place of 2 districts; IIA, IIB, IIC T1 flammable and explosive gas environment group T6. The anti-blast sign is ExeII; Protect the grade as IP54 or IP65.

This product has 8 kinds of types such as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H that correspond to different appearances separately, each kind of type G1/2 " To G3 " The tube whorl specification of amounting to 8 kinds, please consult a sales force in the appearance substantially as knowing each kind of type.

Ordering the explosion-proof should confirm the type and be in charge of the whorl specification while piercing through the line box.

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