The voltage lowers the protection, voltage and lowers managing, voltage and fluctuates and manages the voltage to flash and break and manage the products suddenly temporarily

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Precise Shanghai can the intersection of power and the intersection of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. and speciality offer, improve the intersection of electric energy and quality, solve voltage fall and voltage lower (voltage sag) temporarily , voltage fluctuate and electric wire netting shake electricity and voltage lower and voltage flash new product that - -The regulator fast voltage regulator AVC2 of majestic Tyke of AVC fast voltage is a dynamic system taking going against the becoming device as foundation, support and avoid being influenced by sudden change of voltage in order to protect sensitive industry and commerce. It can lower (voltage sag) the voltage temporarily , fast and accurate correction rises and does temporarily, the function that and there is continuous voltage regulation and the load voltage compensates. This system undergoes the optimization design, to apparatuses needed protection, offers and exchanges the immune ability that the voltage that often appears in the electric wire netting lowers temporarily. The load capacity of the fast voltage regulator AVC2 of majestic Tyke can be reached from 200kVA to 10MVA, operational efficiency exceeds 98%. It in the electric wire netting low to 70% to to exchange three-phase voltage lower with low to 55% single-phase voltage lowering, having very much fast response speeds temporarily temporarily, have performance of promoting correcting to the voltage temporarily at the same time. All AVC2 models can provide continuous correction for change of the voltage of the electric wire netting of the name within the range of ¡À 10%, it is uneven and can dispel the voltage that the power brings. The fast voltage regulator AVC2 of majestic Tyke is that one can also revise the voltage to lower temporarily while offering continuous voltage regulation, pressing or low-voltage products in the angular deviation, uneven of phase place and three phases that the electricity wells up. Standard AVC2 does not need energy storage to fit, because it draws energy from the electric wire netting to produce the essential revision voltage. Pouring-in voltage transformer make up. It monitors the power voltage of input constantly, when the voltage deviates from the specified value, it controls IGBT and injection voltage transformer that connects in series to pour into the appropriate compensation voltage promptly. Energy is got from the electric wire netting in the meantime. This protector responds in 1-2ms, will support and carry the voltage to adjust to the specified value extremely fast, thus has dispelled the voltage from input terminus of the electric wire netting and lowered the impact on load suddenly.

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