ZM8905 makes the battery performance checker up

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It is to design making for experiment research of the battery and function test specially that ZM-8905 makes the battery performance checker up. Suitable for the function tests of many kinds of association batteries such as nickel hydrogen, cadmium nickel. The system adopts the latest DSP digital signal treatment technology, have advantages such as intelligent, management powerful, high dependability, high accuracy, measuring the fast, easy to operate, easy safeguarding, low price,etc.. Performance Design making in order to make experiment research of battery and function test up specially, finish many kinds of association battery performance experiments and life-span experiments accurately. Adopt standard cabinet and module structure, have higher flexibility association, it is steady to install convenient, performance. Make measurement, has dispelled it because of the measurement error of contacting the resistance and bringing in Line four. Every No. makes the battery up and forms a working cell module independently, each unit module can be programmed and control independently. Advanced computer software, flexible programming and friendly man-machine interface, easily understood, easy to operate, performance is steady. Can store, reveal and print characteristic curve of each battery and intact experimental data. The computer software offers and circulates the view. Have, charge and discharge abnormal warning function of the electric current, wish to call attenbant's attention. There is the upper and lower location machine that loses the electricity to protect the function doubly. Each one of products typevoltage range 此此 electric current range 此此 tests point ZM-89050.1V-20V0.02A-5A此 4

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