Sanyo battery 18650

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Our company while researching and developing production the intersection of battery and producer (SANYO, South Korea,etc. of Japan, independently, TOSHIBA, SONY, PANASONIC, LG, SAMSUNG, MOLI,etc.) Establish the good cooperation relation between supply and marketing, offer for our company, best in quality, complete lithium cell of the variety type, all kinds of nickel-cadmium, hydrogen battery of tweezers. . Company's professional technique is rich, according to different trade customers' different demands, the battery products of processing, all kinds of different voltage, type, mode of combination, and maintenance of breadboard are designed. Welcoming the masses of user's incoming telegrams to negotiate business of all kinds of supply and demand, we will offer the extremely good high-quality products to every user adhering to the principle of mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, sincerity.
Products advantage
Safe unexplosive test result: Explode, get up drum, tight liquid, take place hot
1,Overcharge: Fill and disconnect safely automatically to 5V lithium-battery internal setting.
2,Excess electric current: Charge to 5V with 3A electric current.
3,Short out: Positive and negative get the intersection of switch and automatic disconnection together inside the lithium-battery short out, plus-minus to resume the normal voltage at once disconnect very much.
4,Unexplosive valve: The internal high pressure is washed while or equals 15KGing open automatically anti-detonationly.
5,Loop characteristic: Discharge after the 300 cycle, the surplus capacity is original 80%.

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