24V diesel oil pump moves

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Move HW-24Y direct current diesel oil pump for our company to outside engineering machinery of homework add difficult and designing and making. Can apply scoop dredge, loader, bulldozer, road roller of field work various to, need in the with diesel oil of note mechanical equipment extensively. Refuel, save trouble, save effort, save oil, engineering machinery operating personnel vital to Come on a good assistant. Take and move, needn't install, and is furnished with switch and storage battery being wired. But a pump is for many engineering machinery to use.
Type: HW-24Y voltage: DC24 power: 350W flowrate: 36-50L lift: 25M sucks Cheng: 5M
(Note: The # this oil pump can only be used in the diesel oil! Forbid working in chemical liquid such as petrol, alcohol, accept the consequences by oneself! #)

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