Performance checker of battery group of ZM8900 motive force

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ZM-8900 series motive force performance checker of battery group designs and makes for experiment research and function test of the battery group of power specially. Suitable for nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, motive force battery group's function test. The system adopts the latest DSP digital signal treatment technology, have intelligent, management powerful, high dependability, high accuracy, measurement are fast, ~s advantages of measuring the fast, easy to operate, easy safeguarding, low price etc.. This apparatus has adopted the intelligence digitized switch power of our company, the battery is turned into tests the field is initiated exclusively outside China, realize battery discharge patented technology that energy utilize again, namely has save electric energy, reduce production cost, prevent the intersection of battery and heat produced to discharge from make the ambient temperature rise again, help to keep the indoor ambient temperature. Performance: Design and make for motive force battery group's experiment research and function test specially, finish nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, performance and life-span experiment of the motive force battery group accurately. Adopt standard cabinet and module structure, it is convenient that install, performance is steady. Make measurement, has dispelled it because of the measurement error of contacting the resistance and bringing in Line four. Power module of switch flows independently permanently in every unit, can programme independently and control. The computer software is easy to operate, performance is steady, can store, reveal, print battery characteristic curve and intact test data of every module. The next machine adopts the liquid crystal display of the large screen, operate interfaces and adopt the whole Chinese to reveal, ocular, succinct, friendly. Can programme and set up the step of running, can set up and flow permanently and charge, flow permanently and discharge, constant pressure is charged, circulate, suspend (lay aside) Wait for movements, each movement can set up running time, stop the voltage, presume the electric current, capacity limit etc. and stop the condition independently.Fill, discharge the abnormal warning function of the electric current, emit the light of sound when the electric current is abnormal, wish to call attenbant's attention. There are location paying machine and the next machine that lose the electricity to protect the function doubly. System adopt the intersection of intelligence and digitized the intersection of switch and the intersection of power and patented technology and battery of our company discharge energy utilize again technology. In adopt, discharge under energy utilize again situation of system, heat that discharge can guide to outdoor, help to keep the ambient temperature of the office work, reduce the load of the air conditioner, save energies. Technical indicator The working voltage of amount: AC380V+10% Specified worker's frequency: 50Hz Standard temperature: 20 ¡æ+5 ¡æ Relative humidity: 20%~80% The electric current measures accuracy: ¡À (0.3% FS +0.2% RD) The accuracy of voltage measurement: ¡À (0.3% FS +0.2% RD) Timing range: 0- 999 minute /worker step Timing accuracy: 0.1% Appearance size: 760* 630* 1927(W* D* H)

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