Ground lay heat, use, generate heat cable

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Explain in detail: 1 sums up it the development at full speed of China's economic construction, all the construction work makes the enormous achievement. The heating measure has already been applied to each field, the office, house, vegetable canopy, family (domestic animal) in winter Places such as birds' feeding,etc.; Heating way is to emerge in an endless stream too, central heating, gas hanging heating, air conditioner, electric man of day,etc.. In line with saving it on energy resources and foundation of protecting the ring scene at present, at the same time in order to meet market's demands, Zhengzhou the intersection of cable and Co., Ltd. and Henan treasure Thai the intersection of Industrial Co., Ltd and whom joint development develop ten thousand warm and single core have magnetic field generate heat cable and pairs of core have magnetic field generate heat cable, solve winter alternative ' Some) Heating issue,power saving. This cable has performance and good energy-concerving and environment-protective characteristic of keeping warm of fine heating.

The heating of floor is a comfortable heating way, accord with the flow direction that heating heats the hot fluid, the room temperature decreases progressively gradually from bottom to top, give somebody the cool good feeling of warm head of foot, can offer the most suitable temperature profile of human heating. The heating of floor is a low temperature heating way of the large area, difficult to cause the air pollution, offer the best living environment to people.

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