There is not work that compensate the device in situ under high pressure, there is no work to compensate under high pressure

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Products summary
There is not work that compensate the device in situ under high pressure, suitable for 50Hz or 60Hz system, with the high-pressure motor or support and is concerned with other perceptually directly, have no work perceptually in order to compensate the motor, improve the power factor, reduce the loss of circuit and voltage transformer, expand the meritorious output stepping down and mainly changing, improve the voltage quality of the network, play a role in economizing on electricity and compensating at random in energy-conservation.
This device can be applied to trades such as metallurgy, mining industry, building materials, petrochemical industry, giving draining off water,etc. extensively.
Main characteristic
Adopt high-quality high-pressure compensation condenser, condenser this have, seal of good performance lossing low, the intersection of volume and little, high running, rising the low grade advantage while being warm dependability. Discharge component can make device drop the residual voltage to 50V behind breaking away from electric wire netting.
Adopt and gush out the chasing fuse box or flowing fuse box of the limit to protect as the short circuit of the single condenser under high pressure, guarantee the apparatus runs safely.
Operation voltage and system overvoltage caused in order to exercise restraint in throwing and cutting the condenser bank, dispose the specialized metal oxide arrester of the condenser.
According to user's systematic situation, can dispose the reactor of the different reactance rate to inhibit the harmonic wave and shut the floodgate and pour.
To facilitate running personnel have no work to compensate the running situation of the apparatus to observe, every looks disposes independent electric current mutual inductor and ampere meter.
The device allocates the charged display of high pressure, the electric magnetic padlock and viewing panel, lock the function by force, guarantee personal the attenbant security.
The device structure is reasonable in design, easy to use, throw and cut with load together, have the good one hot and moving stability.
Technical feature
The device allows to run in engineering for a long time under specified voltage of 1.1 times frequently. Under state of this operation, the peak value of voltage including all harmonic weight should not exceed 1.2 2Un.
Device allow, cross under the electric current running for 1.3 specified steady state of electric current continuously in overvoltage and high times of virtual value that harmonic wave cause.
The actual electric capacity of the device does not exceed 0 - +10% of the specified values with its the difference with capacitive amount, capacitance maximum and minimum proportion during son of any both ends of the device do not exceed 1.06.
Type of the products
Serial number Device type Specified voltage (kV) Specified capacity (kvar) Connect the condenser type in parallel Condenser quantity
1 TBBJ 6-300 6 300 BFM6.3/ 3-100-1 3
2 TBBJ 6-360 6 360 BFM6.3/ 3-120-1 3
3 TBBJ 6-450 6 450 BFM6.3/ 3-150-1 3
4 TBBJ 6-600 6 600 BFM6.3/ 3-200-1 3
5 TBBJ 6-720 6 720 BFM6.3/ 3-120-1 6
6 TBBJ 6-900 6 900 BFM6.3/ 3-150-1 6
7 TBBJ 6-1200 6 1200 BFM6.3/ 3-200-1 6
8 TBBJ 10-300 10 300 BFM10.5/ 3-100-1 3
9 TBBJ 10-360 10 360 BFM10.5/ 3-120-1 3
10 TBBJ 10-450 10 450 BFM10.5/ 3-150-1 3
11 TBBJ 10-600 10 600 BFM10.5/ 3-200-1 3
12 TBBJ 10-720 10 720 BFM10.5/ 3-120-1 6
13 TBBJ 10-900 10 900 BFM10.5/ 3-150-1 6
14 TBBJ 10-1200 10 1200 BFM10.5/ 3-200-1 6
Condition of environment for use
1,Ambient temperature: -25- 45 ¡æ, the average temperature does not exceed +35 ¡æ in 24 hours
2,Relative humidity: Do not exceed 85%
3,Atmospheric pressure: 80- 110Kpa.
4,The height above sea level: Less than or equal to 1000m
5,Install the place: Use place allow, explode dangerous medium, should not contain and corrode the metal to destroy insulating gas and conductive medium in the medium around, not allow to full of steam and have serious mould to exist.
Carry out the standard
JB7111-1993 " connects the electric capacity device in parallel under high pressure "
GB50227-95 " connects the device design specification of the condenser in parallel "
GB/T11024.1-2001 " marks and claims more than of voltage 1kV to exchange the power system and use and connect part of the condenser the first and relevant standard in parallel "

Order notice
1,Users should mark out the specification type of the products during order ' Including specified the voltage, compensates the capacity) .
2,Users ask to mark out and throw and cut the way during order.
3,Mark out if other special requirements are in the order.

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