P3 stainless steel charters and moulds the flexible conduit

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Shanghai shine bright pipe industry Co., Ltd. adopt ' European RoHS environmental protection is authorized) It is a leading person in products manufacturers and providers such as Chinese cable water-proof joint, flexible conduit, hose nipple, general sharp card flexible conduit and splice,etc.. Since the establishment of, the company is optimizing the human resources constantly, emforce the management on company, promote product quality, make great efforts, exploit market, improve after service, strengthen input of research and development, enable our company, must use but sustained and rapid development. So far, our company have one's own research and development of products, test organization, production line of our company produce, shine bright product while being high while being high-quality by a large number of price continually, have been been applied to extensively mechanical equipment, lathe, electric locomotive, automatic instrument and apparatus, lamps and lanterns, lift, electrical machinery motor, project are installed,etc. all trades and professionsed, shine in the bright pipe industry and wish to create the perfect electrically connected and protection system with you.

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