Energy-conserving electromagnetic heater of the petroleum pipeline

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Influenced by degree of viscosity of temperature and crude oil, a lot of quarry the oil well while transporting the crude oil the pipeline need to heat. The present commonly used heating method is a way on the extra insulating layer after entangling companion's tropical zone outside the oil pipeline, because companion's tropical zone belongs to and heats bidirectionally, heat the petroleum pipeline and heat the insulating layer at the same time on one hand. In this case, the bigger the temperature difference is, the more heat decrease, in winter even if the insulating layer is made thicker and unabler to prevent heat from distributing outwardsly, its poor efficiency just dawdles inevitably high. In addition accompany tropical zone to look for the fault point to have a large number of earthwork underground when presenting troubles such as burn-out,etc., it is very expensive.

At present, it is heated and has already applied to trades such as steel-making, metal heat treatment,etc. in a large amount technically that high-frequency energy-conservation is electromagnetic, because it has no heating of heat source to adopt and the energy is too centralized to have export-oriented loss of heat, consistently voted to the most high way of heating efficiency of the round pipeline.

The petroleum pipeline energy-conserving electromagnetic heater is put into a large amount of fund by Ins of Guangzhou energy,Academia Sinica, been studied and has practised for many years, it is quick in speed to absorb electromagnetic heating, efficient advantage, combine the heating equipment of oil field at the same time and is located in the field, winter will be able to bear - 40 Celsius, summer will be able to bear zero to have 40 ¡æ, it is longe-lived to require at the same time, the high characteristic of the pipeline pressure was developed, the principle is to invert the mains frequency power of 50HZ on the high-frequency power above 20000HZ to act on the metallic conduit and produce the eddy current and make pipeline generate heat, its thermal efficiency is close to 100%, because of the function of the high-frequency electromagnetic field at the same time, the maximal one slackened the metal ionic binding force in the liquid, can make metallic ion ordered arrangement such as calcium, sodium, magnesium in the liquid unsuitable to combine, will not form the scale, so will not influence heat exchange. Pass identification this of the incessant hard water heating with more favorable experiment for two years, the electromagnetic heating method can reduce the molecular binding force of crude oil greatly at the same time, make the thick oil send but not condense at the lower temperature. The energy-conserving electromagnetic heater has no induct heating technology of heat source to adopt, there is no high temperature, no drain, it is the safest unexplosive electric heating products. Because of adopting the frequency that State General Bureau of Environmental Protection stipulates at the same time, so is unharmful to human body. The electromagnetic heating inductor can be applied to the insulating layer of oil pipeline directly while using, can make sure but fast installation needn't stop production.

Application area: Suitable for oil field all oil pipeline energy-conservation electromagnetic to heat carbon steel, the drill shoulder energy-conservation of the drilling rod of oil well is electromagnetic to heat unfreezing, well head valve energy-conservation electromagnetic to heat, unfreeze and oil storage tank outlet energy-conservation electromagnetic to heat unfreeze, the intersection of dryer and the intersection of outlet and energy-conserving electromagnetic heating unblocking.

At present, this patented product recovers the oil in several hundred of nine factories and seven factories in the Daqing oil field through the way of technological cooperation under the guidance of technician of Ins of Guangzhou energy,Academia Sinica Install and use on a well, has made very good energy-conserving result.

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