300KG-10 rice hydraulic elevator

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Hello, we are favor pool Industrial Co.,s Ltd. of Taizhou: We for cutting the fork type lift Cut the fork type load 300KG-1T of lift get up to promote the maximum height and reach 16 meters, is made up of Q235 section steel, hydraulic pump, electrical machinery, inflating tire, seal, cylinder,etc., support feet and correct the equilibrium, can use normally on condition that cut out. It is a high altitude work dedicated device widely used to cut the fork type high altitude work platform. Cut the intersection of fork and mechanical structure, make it get up, rise, have higher stability, spacious the intersection of homework and platform and higher bearing capacity not to hoist or lower platform, make the intersection of high altitude work and range to be loud suiting many people's homework at the same time. It makes the efficiency of high altitude work higher, ensures even more safely. Can be used in the mechanical installation at the station, quay, airport, bridge, hall, factory building extensively, the apparatus is maintained, maintain, large supermarket, large warehouse etc. in the building. These machines are easy to operate, the appearance is esthetic, light, it is convenient to move, it is stable to go up and down, it is the scaffold activated, can raise working efficiency greatly, are welcomed by the masses of users. Oil drum the intersection of car and series - all-electric oil drum load and unload bus, weigh, fight the intersection of stamp-pad ink and barrel, change skip electronically while being the whole, electronic the intersection of oil drum and carrier of can inclining etc., half electronic oil drum pour material machine, strip print turn the intersection of oil drum and train electronically, the hydraulic round barrel car manually, takes the hydraulic oil drum car of electronic scale, the locking oil drum car, oil drum jig, the crane of the oil drum, the heavy-duty barrels of both sides insert the hoist, the oil drum carrier, hand steel wire rope oil drum car, the explosion-proof type electron calls the barrel car of heavy oil The carrier series - heavy-duty weigh the carrier, the hydraulic carrier manually, ultra short carrier, add the long carrier, ultra low carrier, stainless steel carrier, yarn roller carrier, the tape is printed to weigh the carrier, takes the hydraulic forklift truck of electronic scale, the all-electric carrier, semi-automatic carrier is complete weigh and carry the forklift truck electronically Pile high the intersection of car and series - pile high bus electronically while being the whole, the intersection of counterweight and type pile high forklift truck, equilibrium stack forklift truck again, all-electric cliver load and unload bus, half electronic cliver pile high bus, the intersection of counterweight and type pile high bus, person who move fetch skip ago, hydraulic pressure load and unload bus, stack car manually, go up and down, rise train electronically, load and unload a car apparatus in the polycrystalline silicon mono-crystalline silicon trade stove specializedly, the fork extending type of the goods piles the high car electronically, it is ultra and wide type to stack the car electronically, the moving type piled the high machine, had not inserted the leg to pile the high rising machine of buttress pile electronically before the counterweight, the tertiary door withstands completely and stacks the car electronically The crane series - crane walking, electronic hydraulic crane, full-automatic rotation crane, counterweight type crane, semi-automatic crane, no rotation crane, roll over the small crane of arm, the small hydraulic crane manually, hanging machine, order and hang the arm and add the long crane Lift series - cut the fork type lift, fixed wheelchair lift, car-mounted type lift, the arm lift of the song, twin columns type lift, single mast type lift, aluminium alloy wheelchair lift, walk lift, electronic hydraulic elevator, the dual-purpose lift of the flashlight automatically, low platform tool car Jack series - electronic jack, hydraulic jack, set up and poach the dual-purpose knapsack type jack, slim jack, hollow jack, the synchronous jack of vltrahigh voltage, single acting short type jack, horizontal hydraulic jack, tow and tow 4,000 kilograms four times, spiral jack, hydraulic jack, claw type jack, draw horse's series - integrative type and draw horses, draw horses spirally, hydraulic pressure draws horses, two claws draw horses, three claws draw horses, hoist or lower the car type and draw horses Holing machine series - orbit holing machine, the holing machine of hydraulic pressure, the holing machine, saw the rail machine electronically electronically, the holing machine of the internal-combustion engine, crowd hole machine,etc. and carry and stack and load and unload the hoist manually. The company has professional complete sets of production equipment, the production technology with advanced science, improve tight detection means, many thing flow expert and abundant engineers and technicians of experience that machinery design for many years. Keep the close cooperation relation with countries such as U.S.A., Italy,etc. technically, draw foreign advanced technology optimally, make respects such as appearance, internal structure and service life of the products,etc. reach the international most advanced level. Product find a good sale in China, every large city has sale to serve some in China, and enjoy good reputation. The first in line with quality first, user of company, manage the idea of the first, adhere the principles of pursuing the perfect products, update and innovate, make and produce the masterpieces which accord with customer's requirement meticulously. Obey the wishing trader Qi! ---------------------------------------Company's name: Company's address of Industrial Co., Ltd. of favor pool in Taizhou: The telephone number of the company of No. of general of industrialized country of white horse of Taizhou of Jiangsu Province: The fax of 0523-86185033 companies: The websites of 0523-86182300 companies: http://www.huizejx.com Company postbox: huize789@126.com postcode: 225325 contacts: Add friend's cell-phone number oldly: 13196900356

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