Parks' air compressorInquire that forms hundred million machines in 15051682544 manager Zhang Kunshan at Parks' air compressor price

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Hello, we form hundred million mechanical & electronic equipment corporation, Ltd. in Kunshan, we supply Parks with an air compressor. 1,Parks' air compressor screw bolt trochanter adopts the advanced unsymmetry 5: 6 dental pattern, it is reasonable for L/D ratio to choose, to it cuts linear velocity to be 30-36m/s only trochanter its, drop little among the tooth, so return current losses are little, the dental pattern is high in efficiency. 2,Parks' empty electromechanics pressing machine adopts the Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motor, the F grade of the insulation class, protection grade IP54, especially suitable for using for a long time, it is safe and reliable. 3,Parks' air compressor adopts the high-quality dental pattern belt, possesses high temperature resistant, such characteristics as oil resistance and pulling force are strong, have long performance life, advanced belt transmission, transmit above 98% of efficiency. 4,The unique vertical oil inflator structure of Parks' air compressor, by the whirlwind, gravity, filter trebly to separate, it is effectual to separate the oil, low in oil. 5,The whole intelligent control system of Parks' air compressor, the Chinese expicity liquid crystal display screen reveals various characteristics and status parameters of the compressor clearly, there are autodiagnosis and protective device that obey the wishing trader Qi!Contact: Cai ShouMing

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