Frequency converter series F740 of Mitsubishi of Chengdu13602091935

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Tianjin three water chestnut Pu accuse of the automatic Co., Ltd. telephone number: Miss 13602091935 Yao Divide into Tangshan / Shijiazhuang / have one's own the intersection of project and team have related factories accept Engineer all kinds of and accuse of automatic system integration and improvement project. Accept the top maintaining and finishing business of the automation equipment of every big enterprise. Through all kinds of certification systems, the details please send a telegram to and consult.
Mitsubishi Electric FR-F700 common frequency converter of new generation is most suitable for air blower, pump type load to use. Inherit the fine characteristic of F500, easy to operate, and promote various functions in an all-round way:
The energy-conservation that is developed newly monitors the function and lets the energy-conserving result be very clear. 5 adjustable functions of newly-increased V/F contours. Adopt long life design ' Year of projected life 10) ,Maintain simple, use, settle down, have the most advanced disconnected early warning function of Ô\ of life-span even meanwhile. Built-in noise filter, and there are surging curretn sink loop newly-increased RS-485 terminals, increase and support Modbus-RTU (Binary) Agreement. Start the function backward, regenerative braking avoids the function, has also increased PTC thermal resistance to input. Power range: 0.75KW 630KW (three-phase 380V, series FR-F740-CH) Long-range output function, standard of PLC allocate more the intersection of input and lead-out terminal, simple and easy the intersection of magnetic flux and the intersection of vector and control function, many the intersection of pump and control function, chopping sea ' Put frequently) More multi-functional characteristics such as the function,etc.. It has high lateral driveability that Mitsubishi Electric introduces the general frequency converter A700 series products of high performance of new generation newly; Extensive environment for use; Convenient maintenance characteristic and all kinds of simple and easy utility functions operated.

Telephone number; 13602091935
Contact: Manager Yao
Contact address: Villa No. 26 of Jiangdong garden of Dongjiang well of the west of mustard garden of blue and green district of the west of Tianjin

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