The electric wire becomes that hits the pitching machine with enclosing machine

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Accommodate section, accumulate the intersection of 0-6mm2 and electric wire while being 630 type, small sectional cable become enclose and send, pitch and fight and pitch

HZ1250 type accommodates the section and accumulates 6-95mm2 electric wire, the becoming of the cable is enclosed and hit and pitched

1,Production efficiency is high: A: Adopting the automatic wound cable, a person operates; B: The winding becomes that it is 2- 3 times that of traditional model to enclose the speed; C: Make and pitch the device fast, can relax and take down fast after tying up on the machine as the electric wire after enclosing, have lightened labor intensity; D: The electric wire becomes that a person finish operating independently to enclose, can hit three processes of pitching, plastic film wrapping. 2,The wound cable is high quality, steady:

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