Wire drawing machine of copper wire

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Parameter automatically controlled way electrical machinery matching test / a pair of variable frequency control and 14 incoming line thread diameters ¦µ 0.80 - ¦µ 1.60mm of most eyes moduli of digital control power control of computer of wire drawing machine of JCJX- 14D copper wire Finished thread diameter ¦µ 0.25 - linear speed MAX of ¦µ 0.60 mm maximum. 1200m/min machinery reduce surface lead 15% the intersection of constant speed and wheel reduce surface lead 8% the intersection of organism and structural iron plate weld annealing treatment stretch line wheel gush out charring tungsten stretch the line power 15KW winding power 5.5KW most + Deceleration the intersection of motor and the intersection of transmission form and flat belt update the system computer automatically control, coil, coil, control PID shift detection automatically control, shift detection device the intersection of counter weight and swing arm type tension transfer Whole the intersection of way and the intersection of counter weight and the intersection of way and the intersection of maximum and the intersection of loadcarrying ability and 50KG stretch line lubricating method person who spray magnetic to brake bearing to make dynamic electricity lubricating method oil-free type to use the voltage 380V50/60HZ stretch line Weight 2200KG of the machine of exterior size 2000*1600*1900 of 40 liters per minute of oil content

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