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Supply the general cable of German cable in a large amount Import the cable The German cable lapp tows the chain cable lappkabel flexibility and controls the cable

Germany LAPPKABEL/SKINTOP cable can enable the cable to insert between two parties under the protection fitting the cable and inserting set, fixed, seal, clear up the stress slowly. SKINTOP has many kinds of types at your choice: Plastics or the intersection of brass and material, anti-riot, resist electromagnetic to interfere with, have bittern, resist crooked to protect, British system or the metric system is chosen.
Germany LAPPKABEL flexibility controls the cable (OLFLEX CLASSE 110 )
Germany LAPPKABEL each authorizes and controls the cable, wire, cable (H05V-K, HAR/UL/VDE/CSA/HR)
Germany LAPPKABEL lift sum convey the cable '? ; LFLEX? ; Flat cable NSHTOU reel cable)
Is Germany LAPPKABEL able to bear the high-temperature cable (LAPPTHERM? ; 145 SILFLEX)
Germany LAPPKABEL coil spring cable and complete sets of products (SPIREX? ; Spiral cable)
Germany LAPPKABEL extremely flexible robot cable (ROBOT 900P)
Germany LAPPKABEL tows the chain cable (OLFLEX FD-810CY/855P/FD-755P SERVOD)
Do Germany LAPPKABEL cable sleeve pipe and cable ask for the head (SILVYN? Corrugated pipe, SKINTOP inserts set)
Germany LAPPKABEL on-the-spot bus cable

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