F4 series inlet pressure switch

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F4 series pressure switch
Noumenonn: 24mm hexagon carbon steel
Erection site: Any position
Maximum size (L =Maximum width, H =Maximum height) :
P1 connection way: L26mmxH50mm
M2 connection way: L39mmxH75mm
M3 connection way: L48mmxH78mm
Working temperature: -25 degrees of Cto +85 degrees of C
Supreme journey: 90 times / minute
Relenting value: ¡À 4% (working temperature is 20 degrees of C)
Presume the device: Six angle screws inside
Presume the delay:
The diaphragm type about presumes 10% of value
Piston to presume 15% of value
Weight: 50g
Mechanical life-span: 106 times [working pressure 70bar( 1000psi) Working temperature 20 degrees of C ]
Electric characteristic:
Peak load: 0.5A&250VAC
Variable type switch logic: Often open and often close
Power protection ( According to DIN40050 standard) : IP54 (rubbery cap is protected)
IP65 (M2 or M3 protects)

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