Monitor system of the state of the meter box of supplying power

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The products about meter box state alarm control unit is researched and developed production independently by our company, mainly used for recording the meter box running status, make, supply power department stay indoors, can know the intersection of overall system and inner running status of electricity meter case, and can get the prompt information of destroying the meter box. When the door of the meter box opens movements or ammeters are moved, the control device carries on the pronunciation and calls the police as soon as possible, and send the state of the meter box to the inner concentrator of broadcasting station by way of carrier communication through the electric force line, after the concentrator receives relevant information, will send to the mobile phone of distal supervising system or associated controller by way of message. Built-in: can guarantee the controller can also continue recording the situation of the meter box under the power off condition to can charge lithium cell, send to the mobile phone to the message and tell that box number of ammeter and relevant information of movements happens after sending a telegram here, have guaranteed the stability of the work under the power off condition.

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