Mining steel tape armor telecommunication cable

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The steel wire armoured telecommunication cable H YA33 HYAT33 WDZ-HYA53 HYY33 HYYT33 HYY33 oil-filled telecommunication cable HYAT HYYT urban telecommunication cable carries out the standard: YD/T322-1996 urban telecommunication cable structural features: The HYA type urban telecommunication cable adopts the whole chromatogram insulatingly, the comprehensive boot (namely the vertical bag of the cable shields aluminium band and boot to glue and form an organic whole of aluminium plastic, form the sealed cladding) ,Have superior electrical performances, the characteristic with convenient construction. HYA53, the main electrical performance of telecommunication cable of HYAT53 serial single-storeyed steel tape armors: 1. D.C. resistance: Are less than or equal to 148 0.5 and less than or equal to 95.0 0.6 and less than or equal to 65.8 0.8 and less than or equal to 36.6 2 at 20 ¡æ, 0.4. Insulating electric intensity: 1min 1kv does not puncture 3 without puncturing conductors and shielding 1min 3kv between the conductors. Insulation resistance: Other core of conductor of wired and of each core are earthed, HYA cable greater than 10000M¦¸. Km, HYAT cable greater than 3000M¦¸. km. 4. Working electric capacity: Mean value 52¡À 2nF/km 5. Distal crosstalk ratio: Appoint the combined power average to be greater than 69dB/km at the 150kHZ. Our factory standard and enterprise mark organize product all kinds of that produce as follows, according to GB, JB, MT of China strictly Colliery by inflaming retarding telecommunication cable, railway signal cable, colliery by inflaming retarding control cable, colliery by inflaming retarding signal cable, intrinsically safe approved cable, install ( Shield) Cable, power cable, control cable, computer cable, signal cable, telecommunication cable, and various inflaming retarding, high temperature, fire-resisting cable,etc., and can design producing all kinds of specialized special cables according to customer's request, the products are applied to fields such as energy, chemical industry, vessel, coal, building materials, metallurgy, traffic, electron, scientific research, communication and national defence,etc. extensively, the products successively formed a complete set in the chemical plant of the union of Tianjin, Jiuquan the satellite firing base, Beijing urban network is coherent company and telecommunication Engineering Bureau, Yangquan ore, Yanzhou Mining Group of Shandong and Da Tong of Shanxi,etc. key project and project outside China, well received by customer. Enterprises took the lead in passing ISO9001 in 2001: 2000 international quality systems are authorized. The telecommunication cable has product certification certificate that Tyre CA awarded. The colliery of production of our factory used the telecommunication cable of inflaming retarding in 2002, checked and products safety performance were measured through the necessary condition of enterprise of the office of safety sign of national Ministry of Coal Industry

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