100 M M the whole stainless steel brought the hose thermometer

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Dongguan is good the efficacious instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in various industrial pressure instruments, barometer. Able to bear shaking the manometer. Manufacturer of the vacuum negative pressure table. The main products spread the manometer far, the manometer of electric joint (external diameter: 60MM, 75MM, 100MM, 150MM, can make to order the whole stainless steel type) .Thermometer (acidproof alkali thermometer, take the all stainless steel thermometers of hose, 23MM, 100MM, - 30 degrees --+650 degrees) .High temperature resistant manometer, accurate manometer (precision grade: 0.4 grades, 0.25 grades) ,Membrane box manometer (press tables, the gas table, water note table a little. The size of external diameter: 60MM, 75MM, 100MM. The range 5KPA/500MMAQ of the pressure, 10KPA/1000MMAQ, 15KPA/1500MMAQ, 20KPA/2000MMAQ, 30KPA/3000MMAQ, 50KPA/5000MMAQ. Pressure unit: KPA, MBAR, MMAQ, MMH2O. But tailor-made able to bear corrodinging type, is able to bear the shaking type) . Able to bear shaking the manometer (external diameter: 40MM, 50MM, 60MM, 75MM, 100MM, the pressure: 1KG- 1000KG. Pressure unit: MPA.BAR.KG.PSI. Can have made to order and fill the oil and able to bear shaking and is able to bear the corroding type) .Acidproof alkali manometer, sanitary diaphragm manometer (size of external diameter: 60MM, 100MM, pressure range: 0-50KG) .All stainless steel the intersection of lack of mutual understanding and manometer (0-600KG, can have made to order high temperature resistant type) .The whole PP diaphragm manometer (size of external diameter: 60MM, pressure range: 1KG, 2KG, 3KG, 4KG, 5KG, 7KG, 10KG 50KG. The whole PP diaphragm type manometer is widely used in the board apparatus of the circuit, is able to bear corrosion, can measure the liquid of high viscosity, gas. Used in all kinds of chemical machinery of chemical trade extensively. For instance apparatuses such as developing machine, cleaning machine, etching machine, medicinal solution filter,etc.) . Cold coal table, water pressure table, vacuum manometer, flow meter (flow meter of heavy oil, petrol flow meter, the flow meter of diesel oil, the specification: LC-15 (4 fen) . LC-20 (6 fen) . LC-25 (1 inch) ,LC-40 (1.5 inches) ,LC-50 (2 inches) ,LC-80 (2.5 inches) ,LC-100 (3 inches) ,But tailor-made back to zero type) .Glass a rotor flow meter ' Routine type. Antiseptic type, the whole stainless steel type, the specification: LZB-4( Can incline ing amount gas and liquid) ,Various specification gas pressure reducers, the manometer is buffered and managed (stainless steel type and copper type) ,Manometer switch,etc., the products are used mainly in the petroleum, the electricity of natural gas, machinery, fields such as medicine, metallurgy, aviation,etc.

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