Support the combined piston air compressor of medium voltage

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The characteristic of the products:

Combined piston air compressor of medium voltage of cutting into a mountain

Revive, fill air compressor in, inherit low speed, be heavily loaded, suitable for design idea of continuous running the intersection of medium voltage and series of cutting into a mountain etc., the exhaust temperature is low, shakes littly, the noise is low, the oil consumption is low. Pursue low failure rate, high reliability, the reasonable structure of the complete machine, the system is succinct, it is reliable to control, the characteristic is steady. Has already formed the comparatively intact variety series, the already bandy air reservoir one is portable, also there is fixing type of the air reservoir of withouts. There is a form of the single machine, adapt to the combinational machine with large displacement too. In order to form a complete set for bottle blowing machine better, design, develop slugger for collecting bottle blowing, shut low press, air reservoir, filter, cold dry machine,etc. that mould use for integrative combinational machine also.

The large strong aircraft nose is designed, make good use of, fully utilize materials, design ruggedization to the main spare part, the aircraft nose size, weight are greater than other producers, the safety degree is high, in addition, the rotational speed is low, especially suitable for the heavy load, operate continuously for a long time, reliability is very high, the life-span is very long.

Especially carry on scattered thermal design and flow kindly and design, the exhaust temperature is low, difficult carbon accumulation, high in efficiency.

Adopt ring valve to be group to design, transfer plate material become rusty steel of transfer plate for Sweden, the spring material of valve block, for the specialized spring steel wire of air valve which Japan imported, and transfer plate does not have crooked movement while operating, make characteristic and life-span of air valve index very kind.

The piston ring adopts Japan to pay attention to and grind the ring, durable in use, is not lubricated.

The crankshaft passes high frequency quenching, very wear-resisting.

Relevant sport one are by fine balance, it is very stable to move and rotate, the noise is very low.

The core of the air cleaner adopts and imports the filter paper to make, filter and amortizate effectually, durable in use.

Especially design separation structure of oil in front end cap, the breather valve is not in spite of the oil, the oil consumption is very low, keep the organism clean.

It is reasonable in design and protecting to exhaust the belled mouth flare angle of copper pipe with the protective sleeve, avoid breaking and air leak.

Pressure switch, contact apparatus, thermorelay adopt and import brands, for instance: " Snide ", guarantee to control and protect reliably.

Tolerance control have the intersection of gas control and full automaticity, automatically controlled full automaticity type, automatically controlled dual-purpose type of gas control ' Switch over manually) , intellectual the controlled ' Accuse of one to switch over in the electricity automatically according to the gas using situation) Four kinds of forms are for users to choose, meet users' difference's needs.

Available to install the intelligent controller additionally, meet the users of gas using with complicated situation.

To relatively higher pressure ratio of the slugger, the cold device while specially designing cooling power to be strong, have kept lower exhaust temperature.

Service pressure of m3/min maximum
Volume of kw air reservoir

2* KBH-30
1* KAH-203.2
1.252* 22

2* KB-152.43.02* 15Special

4* KB-154.83.04* 15Special

2* KBH-152.44.02* 15Special

4* KBH-154.84.04* 15Special

2* KB-303.43.02* 22Special

2* KBH-303.24.02 * 22Special address: 569 brass-wind instrument 3F telephone numbers of road of Le Dong of honour of Songjiang of Shanghai: 021-67743035 Mobile: 13816991356 faxes: 021-67743036 Website: Email:

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