Waste engine oil oil filter of internal-combustion engine oil

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1.Sum up:
This function removes charcoal particle, deep oxide,etc. slight impurity dispersed in oil, also colloid, pitch,etc. bad material that can be removed in the oil, make the color of the oil resume clarifying transparent, improve every quality index of the internal-combustion engine oil, resume usability of the internal-combustion engine, reduce and abrade, guarantee the lubricating system normal operation of the internal-combustion engine, lengthen the life time of internal-combustion engine and internal-combustion engine oil.

Adopt the physical chemical action, dispel the electric charge among the polarity particles in the waste oil, make it gather into a big particle impurity and is appeared, and remove the colloid in the oil, asphaltene and various compounds. Pass filtration and vacuum degassing dehydration of the waste gas cleaner at the same time, remove harmful gas and moisture. Have not only achieve the absolute oil purpose but also kept the effective component in oil.
Adopt and able to bear corroding, high temperature resistant, the mechanical strength is good, the long high-accuracy stainless steel network of the life time, easy to operate, the economical and practical pressure filter is the filter medium.
The structure is novel, rationally distributed, it is " pocket " " oil refinery " .
The treatment effect is obvious, ocular, it can be of multiple use.

3.Application area
It is suitable for the vessel, car, kowtow the treatment of engine oil and other lubricating oil.

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