Shouldering the pressure and sealing the tester

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Y-98 seals the tester

Sealed tester ask airtight nature or revealing tester also, generally can be divided into two kinds according to the routine, one straight to it presses sealed the intersection of tester and one to be the intersection of negative pressure and sealed tester, two instrument this so material that test too different because of the change of method and pressure!

1,Sealed a tester ' Negative pressure) Apparatus use:

The sealed tester is designed and make according to the relevant regulations of GB/T15171-94 soft package sealing property test method, suitable for the sealed tests of trades such as food, pharmacy, daily chemical industry,etc. soft-packing. Can compare and appraise sealed craft and sealing property of the soft package effectively through testing, offer the scientific basis for confirming the relevant technical requirement. Sealing test of trying one that can also go on after fall, is able to bear pressing the experimenting.

2,Sealed a tester ' Negative pressure) Basic principle:

The sealed tester regards compressing the air as the power source, regard newest plastic vacuum generator as the energy transfer component, regard vacuum table as the animation means, controlling the speed of realizing the vacuum to be fast through the atmospheric pressure, the result is ocular, fine performance rapidly,etc. of process of the test. The pneumatic systematic components all adopt the imported products in Germany, performance is steady, it is extremely reliable to run, do not need maintenance in three years. The complete function is set up, all kinds of vacuum degree can meet various test method requirements that the national standard stipulates.

3,Sealed a tester ' Negative pressure) Technical parameter

Theory vacuum degree: 0 ~ -100kPa vacuum precision: ¡À 1% (showing value error) Enter the angry pressure: 0.25~0.6MPa (2.5~6kgf/cm2) The size of vacuum room: §¶ 300* 390mm external dimension: 30( B) *43( L) *50( H) Cm net weight: 18kg

4,Sealed a tester ' Negative pressure) Experimental principle:

Through found time, make the sample under water press difference the vacuum room inside and outside producing, observe the ease situation outside the sample inner gas, in order to judge the sealing property of the sample: Or through finding time to the vacuum room, make the sample press difference inside and outside producing, the sample shape resumes the situation after observing samples and swelling and releasing the vacuum, in order to judge the sealing property of the sample.

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