Cable trouble test of numerous pulses

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DGC-2010A type many pulse to develop at the advanced two the intersection of pulse and the intersection of law and the intersection of cable and the intersection of trouble and the intersection of tester and the intersection of application technology and foundation at present in tester in intellectual the intersection of cable and trouble. Except possessing all advantages of two pulse laws cable trouble tester, having also expanded an important characteristic, it is while assaulting and flashing under high pressure and holding in place with a net, the pulse generator sends different a group of eight cable troubles of delaying time to test pulse and a group of eight cables total length test the pulse continuously. Save the miscellaneous parameter setting up and repeated impact and flash and hold time in place with a net under high pressure. Because the wave form of these eight groups of troubles was got with different time intervals at the fleeting moment of striking and touching off the pulse generator under high pressure. Save and mangle the arc device in the cumbersome one, has simplified and tested the means, judge the method after providing for user simpler trouble wave form.

Instrument function and characteristic:

1. Can examine under 35KV all cables of grade hinder the trouble high, low, it is wide to adapt to the surface.

2. It is most advanced to adopt world " Numerous pulse laws " Test technology. Also there is traditional impact that flashes and holds the law and low-voltage pulse law in place with a net under high pressure at the same time.

3. Any high to hinder trouble, appear similar to low-voltage pulsing, shorting out wave form characteristicking of the trouble most simple, exchange interpretation very much.

Help users' software and all Chinese menu and fluorescent screen touch the simulation button to operate.

4. Measure the success rate of the trouble, test precision and test help the intensity superior to any kind of checkout equipment of China.

5. The liquid crystal touch-sensitive screen oversize is regarded as and revealed the terminal station.

6. The instrument has strong data handling capacity and friendly display interface.

7. Have extremely safe high-pressure protective measure of sample. The tester will not crash and damage in assaulting the high-pressure environment.

8. Have interface of standard printers.

9. Easy to operate, dependability is high.

10. Have extremely high cost performance.

11. Have not tested the blind area.

12. Built-in power, can in have, connect power, test open circuit and low to hinder trouble of shorting out of cable under the environment.

The main index of performance:

1. The method of testing: Numerous pulse laws; Assault the high-pressure electric current taking a sample law; Low-voltage pulse law

2. Assault the high pressure: Lower than 35KV

3. The data sample the speed: 120MHz, 90MHz, 60MHz, 30 MHz

4. Test the distance: 15Km

5. Have not tested the blind area:

6. The resolution ratio of reading: 0.5m

7. The precision of system testing is smaller than 50cm

8. Test the pulse range: About 380VP-PP-P

9. Numerous pulse send and trouble reflect to reveal, make the intersection of trouble and the intersection of characteristic and wave form say extremely simple automatically signal. All high to hinder the intersection of trouble and wave form, have one only, test cable using low-voltage pulse law, short out wave form of the trouble while being similar.

10. Test the wave form stores the function: Can store the wave form of on-the-spot test in the instrument conveniently in fixed order, available for adjusting at any time than to observation. The wave form of on-the-spot test is stored limitlessly.

11. The wave form of trouble point and wave form of opening a way of the total length reveal that rejects together to compare the contrast with and superpose on the screen at the same time. The judgement of the trouble point distance is more accurate.

12. Built-in power: Fully charging can work for 6 hours continuously, can also connect the work of alternating current source at the same time.

13. The condition of work: Temperature - 10 ¡æ- +45 ¡æ, 90% of relative humidity, atmospheric pressure 750¡À 30mmHg.

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