HP-10 HP-20 HP-50 digital torsion tester

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Digital torsion tester HP series products (the second generation, improving type) of performance characteristic Three kinds of units of measurement The clockwise / counterclockwise torsion symbol points out the data follow, keep the HP-S series products of function (third generation, intelligent) The large screen liquid crystal reveals the clockwise / counterclockwise torsion symbol of three kinds of units of measurement to point out the record, do not have electricity of province operated and shut down to store 10 test data and 5 minute hands automatically that design the instruction of computing function battery electric consumption of the average, the calling the police value presumes the interface of standard RS232, can mix the computer, the printer use is used in all kinds of electronically, check-up of the torsion of the pneumatic screwdriver is presumed, torsion screwdriver, torsion spanner, torsion opener,etc. and torsion measurement of different body of rotation. Technical indicator Measure range 1bf.inkgf.cnN.m at the time of type HP-10sHP-10 HP-20sHP-20 HP-50sHP-50 HP-100sHP-100 HP-250sHP-250 peak value 0.15- 9.000.15- 10.000.015- 1.000 0.30- 18.000.30- 20.000.030- 2.000 1.5- 45.01.5- 50.00.15- 5.00 1.5- 90.01.5- 100.00.15- 10.00 5.0- 225.05.0- 250.00.50- 25.00 Measurement way Follow, keep Precision ¡À 0.5% Fs ¡À 1.0% FS power (charge time) 1.2V nickel hydrogen battery * 5 1.2VNIHMs charges for 6 hours the specialized charger input and exchange 220V- 240V to export direct-flow 7.2V400mA and fully charge and use time for 20 hours Battery life-span Can charge to invite for 300 times Size / weight W * H * D 230mm * 65mm * 120mm 2Kg standard attachment LK26006LK26009LK26012 LK26007LK26009LK26012 LK26008LK26012

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