The switch power tests the system synthetically

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806D-ATE switch power tests synthetically the system 806D-ATE switch power tests the systematic picture syntheticallyAccommodating the test of AC/DC Power Supply and DC/DC Conver-tor employs 41 standards to test the function is strong, the tester that can combine other standardized interfaces easily tests fast / high in efficiency, about 3-4 times faster open systematic platform of more traditional ATS speed, the user can edit the test procedure by oneself in accordance with the demand The standardized appearance accuses of the interface language and simple and apt to study the figure operating environment ( Windows98) Offer the report form to design, count analytical capacity 806D-ATE switch power tests synthetically the system tests the project synthetically: 1, Direct-flow output voltage
2,Direct current exports the electric current
3,The peak, to the miscellaneous news of peak value
4,Miscellaneous news of virtual value
5,Temporary attitude voltage
6,Degree of stability of the voltage
7,Degree of stability of the electric current
8,Time sequence of starting the machine
9,Time of rising
10,Drop time
11,Unused time
12,Extra quantity is examined
13,The wave wells up electric current test
14,Overshoot voltage
15,The power is ready for signals (PG)
16,Invalid signal (PF) of power
17,Turn on the power supply signal
18,Export the wave form of rising
19,Export and drop the wave form
21,Input the virtual value electric current 22, input the electric current of peak value
23,Input power
24,Input power factor
25,Input the voltage and rise / lower testing slowly
26,Input the frequency and rise / lower testing slowly
27,Voltage order of the output
28,Short out and test
29,Short out in electric current test
30,Overvoltage is protected
31,Overload protection
32,Cross the power to protect
33,The expanding amount is examined
34,Adjust while testing
35,Input outage test
36,Input the distorted simulation of power
37,GPIB, RS232 reads / writes
38,TTL signal controlled
39,The relay is controlled
40,The bar code is read
41,Dynamic test

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