Thermostatical trough HWD-1 of the low temperature

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The thermostatical trough of the HWD-1/3 -type low temperature is that a kind of high-accuracy automatic control type temperature assays the servicing unit, characteristic such as being high of the even, controls the temperature precision that it controls the temperature in the steady, warm field. The device adopts PID to regulate realizing the temperature is automaticallied control, compact, easy to operate, without interface of communication, can't link with computer, it is the most favorable a style of price in the thermostatical trough of the HWD series low temperature.

Technical indicator

Working temperature: HWD- 1 -30- 100 ¡æ, HWD- 3 -60- 100 ¡æ

The size of workspace: ¦Õ 150* 480 mm

Reveal the temperature resolution: 0.1

Control the temperature precision: ¡À is 2 ¡æ

The temperature fluctuates: Superior to 0.01 ¡æ of ¡À / 15min

Temperature homogeneity: ¡À is 0.01 ¡æ

Rated power: 6.0kW

Control method : Imitate tables

Working way: Presume and automatically control manually

Control parameter: PID parameter controlled

External dimension: 750* 550* 1300mm

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