Robot cable OLF

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High-quality insulating smooth special the intersection of Fluorine and black silk ribbon wind the intersection of bag and shielding layer, make cable this the applicable life-span is lengthened in a situation that torsion and the crooked stress exists at the same time. The sheath outside the mixture of special polyurethane is enhanced are able to bear the oil characteristic, resist and abrade and cut, resist microorganism and hydrolysis, fire-retardant. The characteristic of its other sheath still can prevent other adjacent cables and its adhesions
The range of application: Such special cable is connected as controlling and monitoring transmission and power of the signal, various occasions installed in the torsion and the crooked stress exists at the same time that applicable. Connection and assembly of welding robot and manipulator, connect the circling round type or hoist or lower the working bench, or because can't presume the movement of the cable (such as towing in the chain system) at the time of the design Wait for the installation of the occasion.
Cable structure: Many burst detailed to entangle or not precise to entangle bunches of superfine naked copper, the intersection of TPE and the intersection of core and the intersection of line and insulation, core line color specification meet " The technical parameter " , core line (or the line is right) Entangle and formate the cable, special Fluorine black silk ribbon around the bag, shielding type (DP) : The tin-plated copper wire is protected, black outside the layer, purpose-built polyurethane around wrapping up (RAL 7016

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