Letter of Shangyu and reaching the air blower factory, ventilating blower, draught fanhttp://www.xinheda.com/7.htm

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4-72,4-79,SS4-79 series centrifugal fan, its efficiency and reach or is superior to the A grade standard that the Ministry of Machine-Building Industry makes more than A sound levelling. The low-noise centrifugal fan of SS4-79 series double speed, succeed with the three-phase asynchronous electric organization of machine-matched pole change multiple-speed of 4-79 type at odds with the community or the leadership wind, enable air blower while keeping excellent characteristic of air blower of the prototype, have adjustable rotational speed, air flow, and wind pressure can in change, the intersection of structure and simple, the intersection of price and reasonable advantage under large rangehttp://www.xinheda.com

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