Winding machine of electric wire

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High speed automatic wound cable become, enclose, it types persons who pitch to be Shanghai horizontal the intersection of electromechanics and first branch company become, enclose, type difficult problem to pitch the inefficiency to the intersection of China and most the intersection of electric wire and artificial wound cable intelligently, and the scientific and technological new product developed, developed. This product production efficiency has not only improved on the original foundation by 2- 3 times but also change from original many people's operation into one man operation, thus reduce the anaphase packing cost of electric wire by a wide margin and earn the space of profit for user. Our Israel: "People have no me to have, people have I who am excellent, are innovating constantly. " It is a policy, build the harmonious ordered management environment with the customer together. Machine this suitable for the intersection of 0.5- 6mm and electric wire and small sectional cable succeed enclose and fight and pitch. The main excellent characteristic of it of comparing with traditional model is as follows:
1,Production efficiency is high:
A: Adopting the automatic wound cable, a person operates;
B: The winding becomes that it is 2- 3 times that of traditional model to enclose the speed;
C: Make and pitch the device fast, can relax and take down fast after tying up on the machine as the electric wire after enclosing, have lightened labor intensity;
D: The electric wire becomes that a person finish operating independently to enclose, can hit three processes of pitching, plastic film wrapping.
2,The wound cable is high quality, steady:
A: Adopt the automatic wound cable, the wound cable depends on own stress of wire rod, utilize the combined scientific principle of the pulley, can guarantee the step of wound cable and magnitude of thread diameter are not influenced, it is neat, esthetic to make the wire rod arrange.
B: Adopt the automatic wound cable to be free of human factor, the quality of wound cable is steady. Main technical parameter:
Marking-out way: Put the size of the drum from the marking-out of tension:<<=630mm
Wound cable way: The automatic wound cable host computer adjusts and controls: Variable frequency control
The host computer rotational speed: 0-500 transfer to / pitch internal diameter by parting-line: 120mm- 200mm
The line pitches the external diameter:<<=310mm line pitches the thickness: 30-100mm
The line pitches the number of slots: The output of per tour of 3 troughs: About 700 bundle ( Class' output)
Applicable scope: Accommodate 0.5-6mm electric wire and small sectional cable to become to enclose and hit and pitch

Automatic wound cable become, enclose, type person who pitch, hold the intersection of line and the intersection of tension and wire-setting frame, count the intersection of rice and device, become, enclose, type, pitch 3 device part, make up fast at a high speed, and can the intersection of apolegamy and spark machine examine the intersection of foot-path and the intersection of appearance and the intersection of on-line testing and the intersection of spark and magnitude of thread diameter of dot and.
1: Hold the wire-setting frame of the line tension:
A: Adopt and hold the line type marking-out and use the line tension to remain stable.
B: According to the thread diameter of different wire rod. The tension magnitude can be regulated by spring and block and tackle.
C: ( 1) The lever type brakes, ( 2) There is not axle that hoist or lower a pair of rate taper and stop up the Chinese style and brake. The swing arm guide wheel is downward, the greater marking-out resistance is, when it is presumed to enclose the length to brake fast that the host computer arrives, unless it lead swing arm it's by bottom position 's turn most, drum marking-out resistance maximum put,let's put and brake all right 1- 2 second in drum but can wire jumbling.
D: Adopt ( 1) Hand handle-type ( 2) Pin from head to foot one of double top, can realize that change and store the drum easily fast, it can be from 0- 630mm to store the drum range, available 800mm.
2: The electron counts the rice device:
A: The clamping roller adopts the unidirectional bearing, the wire rod can only move ahead and can't go backwards.
B: Adopt the electronic formula to count the sensor to improve and count the rice precision.
C: Counting the rice wheel adopts high-temperature coslettizing, clamping roller to use and import PU to wrap up the rubber tyer, the hardness is high, is able to bear rubing decreasing, the wire rod is unlikely to be pressed and deform.
3: Become fast that encloses and makes and pitches the host computer:
A: automatic tension wound cable device, it reaches 0 to arrange the linear velocity --500 rpms, can choose, regulate freely, one man operation.
B: Automatic piece contract, send, pitch record, can finish, load and unload within 2- 3 seconds fast, become, ties up and can be taken down at the machine easily directly enclose, operation is simple and easy and convenient.
C: Automatic piece contract, type, pitch the intersection of shelf and board position can regulate freely, realize 30- 100mm succeed enclose and fight and pitch the thickness after the plate fast.
D: Adopt soft turn on and technology of auto brake of variable frequency control, presume in the frequency converter that starts and accelerates the time program, avoid accelerating attenuating and deforming the part of wire rod too fast at the time of the starting up.
The automatic wound cable becomes that encloses and makes the job step of the pitching machine:
A preparation wound cable, 2 is started to enclose, 3 automatic wound cables, 4 intelligence stops, 5 manual binding wires, 6 unloads the other dashboard, 7 thread taking
E: adopts the double-pointed electron and counts the Milan device, users can set for the electric wire succeeds that encloses the length depending upon need, and reach presuming unit autoalarm shuts down.
F: User but the intersection of apolegamy and the intersection of thread diameter and tester and spark estimate appearance, can autoalarm shut down while existing side by side when the film-broke as the intersection of electric wire and the intersection of external diameter and overproof or surface.

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