Torsion table of the motorLittle motor torsion tableLittle electrical machinery torsion tableTorsion table of the electrical machinery

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It is a kind of measurement small torsion and test tool of the fastener that the pointer torsion table introduces BTG torsion table briefly. Two direction measurement that it can be clockwise or counterclockwise, are suitable for checking, studying the small part and assembling the torsion size needed. Inside is equipped with the overload protector, dial plate and fuselage all have scale instructions. Technical indicator Type Measure the range Scale Direction The total length Insert the actor's headgear claw Precision 2.4BTG 0.05 134mm 1 - ¦µ 8.5 ¡À 2% 3.6BTG 0.05 6.0BTG 0.1 9.0BTG 1.0-9.0kgf. cm 0.1 15BTG 0.2

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