The power of alterating and direct current defends the thunder device

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Professional production and sales various high-quality power defend the module of thunder (defend the thunder device, the arrester, the wave wells up the protecting device) (SPD) ,The products include: 1,The direct current source defends the thunder device ' 5KA/10KA/20KA) : PD20-60V, PD10-48V, PD05-24V, PD03-12V, PD24V05A, PD20-48V, PD20-220V; 2,The single-phase power defends the thunder device ( 20KA) : PA10-C/2; PA20-B/2, PA20-B/1+NPE, PA20-B/2-A, PA20-B,PA20-A,PA20-B/1+NPE-A; 3,Three phases power defend the thunder device ( 40KA) PA20-B/4, PA20-B/3 +NPE, PA20-B/4-A (take the counter) ,PA20-B/3+NPE-A,PA40-A/3+NPE; 4,60KA power defends the thunder device PA40-B/3 +NPE, PA40-B/4, PA40-B/2, PA40-A/2, PA40-B, PA40-A, PA40-A/4, PA60-A, PA60-A/4; PA60-A/3+NPE; 5,It is big and open to flow the power defends the thunder device PA100-B/3 +NPE, PA80-A, PA100-B/4, PA80-B/3 +NPE, PA80-B/4, PA60-B/3 +NPE, PA60-B/4; 6,Power defend the module PA100-A of thunder, PA100-B, PA80-B, PA60-B, PA160-A, PA120-B,etc., can choose the relevant module to make up the power and prevent the thunder device from; 7,The power defends the thunder case PX40-B/1 +NPE, PX40-B/3+NPE, PX40-A/4, PX60-B/3+NPE, PX60-A/4, PX80-A/3 +NPE, PX20-B/4, PX20-B/1 +NPE, PX40-B/4, PX60-B/4, PX160-A/3 +NPE, PX100-A/3 +NPE, PX80-B/3 +NPE,etc.; 8,The counter LC-AC220V of unit thunder and lightning, the counter LC2-AC220V of thunder and lightning of a pair of location, LC2-D48V; 9,BT antiseptic earthing system and antiseptic coating products of DFT -type electric conduction can substitute Germany OBO, relevant products of brand such as DEHN,etc., are used in various electric power systems, the network system, Ann defends the monitoring system, comprehensive wiring,etc.. Website: Exchange the hot line: 13316911527 0755-26095177, 26095310, 26095304Zhao Sheng

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