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The majestic electricity of strength of Taizhou is specialized in and sold: Exchange the voltage stabilizer, the three-phase voltage stabilizer, single-phase voltage stabilizer, voltage stabilizer, home voltage stabilizer, exchange the voltage stabilizer in high precision. Welcome to call to consult

The products are summed up:

Exchange the electric voltage stabilizer, introduce the latest technology in LW-SBW series high-power compensating type, current situation, the energy-efficient products developed for exchanging the voltage steadily of combining China and supplying power. The voltage stabilizer is compensated the circuit, voltage measure servo the intersection of electrical machinery and control circuit and moderate actuator, turn on or off electric apparatus and their the intersection of operation and circuit, the intersection of electric current and voltage measurement with the intersection of protection and circuit,etc., make up. Compensate circuit among them, voltage measure and servo electrical machinery control and moderate actuator make up the output voltage compensate the system automatically, can keep the output voltage steady automatically when the No. voltage of the distribution network fluctuates or supports changing.

LW-DBW/SBW series products combining with traditional electron exchanging type, reaction types and heads of the magnetic saturation type voltage stabilizer, it overcomes traditional voltage stabilizers to be capacity little lossing great, the intersection of wave form and shortcoming such as being distorted and loud, have capacity large with high efficiency having the intersection of wave form and distortion, voltage regulation use, maintain simple and convenient to run but. Can apply to extensivelyIndustrial and mining enterprises, oil field, railway, construction site, the electronic computer, precision machine tool, fabrics machine, computer fault of departments such as the school, hospital, post and telecommunications, hotel, scientific research,etc. scan and photograph (CT) , the precision type instrument, experimental rig, lift are lighted, import equipment and production line,etc. need the place that power is steady in voltage. Also accommodate power user and load change greatly power consuming apparatus whose voltage passed the terminal low or too high low-voltage distribution network with large fluctuating range, suitable for all to the intersection of electric wire netting and steady voltage power consuming place that wave form expects much especially.

Performance characteristic:

1), the output while prolonging: After putting through the power, delay time for 5-8 seconds automatically, devote oneself to work;

2), cross, owe, pigeonhole, protect: The output voltage is greater than outputting specified value ¡À 10% or be less than while outputting specified value ¡À 10%, and autoalarm cuts off the power;

3), cross, flow, short out and cross, owe, pigeonhole, protect;

4), automatic detection diagnosis function: When the hardware breaks down, can diagnose and give out all alarm signal automatically, and cut off and export the power;

5), the unit power is great in capacity, three-phase steady voltage can reach above 2000KVA;

6), one pair of functions of bypass of electricity of market: Or fuse broken circuit that the hardware breaks down, but the voltage of the electric wire netting is changed in 10% of the ranges of specified voltage, the voltage stabilizer can be automatic the direct state supplies power; Can also pass in this case " The electricity of market / steady voltage " Bypass switch, switch over to the direct state of electricity of market manually;

7), the performance of resisting waves and welling up: Dispose the high-energy wave in the input terminus of the circuit and well up lashing the inhibiting device, effective settlement thunder and lightning that reaction wait for among 10us-100us the intersection of pulse and the intersection of spike and the intersection of voltage and fatal impact in apparatus ' Can choose) ;

8), operate steadily, support percentage modulation and electric wire netting percentage modulation can be lower than 2%; Support the intersection of change and old the intersection of power consuming and apparatus, suitable for all to the intersection of electric wire netting and steady voltage power consuming place that wave form expects much especially.

9), load adaptive capacity is strong, can work under various complicated conditions steadily.

Adopt PID industrial control technology, systematic stability and supporting

The applicability is strong, steady voltage is tall in precision;

Adopt Japan to import silicon steel sheet, high-quality brand components and parts,

Have guaranteed the high dependability of the system;

Adopt C1017 anisotropic carbon brush, have long performance life;

Adopt the light-coupled isolation device, realize the effective segregation among strong electricity and weak electric signal;

Adopt circuit board of A, B a pair of top management, is both as for subsequent use;

Ultra 50000h does not have failure logging to run continuously.

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