Passive protective device WIC1

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Series WI -Overcurrent relay of self-powered time

All electrical relays of this series are excessive load protective relays of self-powered time, namely obtained energy from current transformer. Need accessory power supply, they suitable for, install in change hydropower station in not mixing very, regional converting stations and distribution points.

Its minimal space demand accords with the digital protective device. Highest to require simple safe, the intersection of interstar connection and high the intersection of electromagnetic disturbance and immune ability, regulate and change different ability of parameter according to distributor, can help switch board manufacturers to save the expenses, the maintenance time limit of WIC1 is 25 years.

Trip in characteristic range including two-section fixed time lag (DEFT) And against the time limit (INV) Time overcurrent protection, get in the special characteristic curves. In addition, we can also offer the electrical relay with earth fault protection. Relying on we and close cooperation among the customers, we have already developed a series of product, these products can cooperate with the common circuit breaker on the market. The electronic part of the electrical relay is totally sealed, can make the device avoid being influenced by severe environment.

WIC1 is that one is brought against the time limit and protection feature of the fixed time lag by protective relay that CT powers, especially design for the distributor with circuit breaker and specified output current of minima. Dedicated CT and WIC1 make up one the intersection of union and the intersection of protection system and circuit breaker trip, need one low-yield the intersection of trip coil and parameter should be able to adopt different friendly the intersection of way and outer cover while being whole All electronic element complete bags are protected so as not to be influenced by weather and mechanical environment.

The following is WIC1 realizable protection function:

? 1,Three-phase regular current limiter and short circuit protection (ANSI50/51) Trip time of adjustable

2,The three-phase excessive load guard band is available against time limit and fixed time lag short circuit current component (ANSI50/51)

3,Earth overcurrent protection (ANSI50N/51N) in fixed time lag of internal arithmetic

Step length of current range of CT type amount

WIC1-WE216- 56A0.2A
WIC1-W216- 56A0.2A

WIC1-W332- 112A0.4A

WIC1-W464- 224A0.8A

WIC1-W5128- 448A1.6A

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