Produce the relay protection tester

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First, sum up Model JBC-9610C relay protection on the basis of original JBC- 9205B in tester, develop high and intelligent newly, check-up instrument of multi-functional relay protection. Instrument this adopt the intersection of single chip microcomputer and technology, by automatic the same period digital the intersection of fine long hair and stop watch, logical control unit, multi-functional digital display unit, high-accuracy data acquisition and processing unit, electric current, voltage output unit, over load and protected location of the ultra quantum,etc. make up partly, the self-carrying is printed and reveal, the full automaticity of the test process, raise survey accuracy and operating efficiency greatly. This instrument also has a esthetic appearance, reliable performance, easy and simple to handle, the advantage such as being more complete of the function, it is the ideal instrument of protective device of timing relay of check-up. Second, function 1.This machine is testable various alternating and direct current, electric current, voltage, the middle, self hold, many kinds of single electrical relays and full group relays set such as the signal, the testable attracting voltage (electric current) of different electrical relays The value, release voltage (electric current) The value, various stylus are (normally open, normally closed, change, delay time) Attracting time and break time,and not store automatic test three times count, and resetting ratio and printing of the mean value three times of automatic computation, can reveal and print the test result repeatedly. 2.This machine can test every parameter of the reclosing relay conveniently. 3.This machine encloses frequency measurement, examines the looks function, but measuring current, the frequency of the voltage (reveal a periodic time, namely cycle) And two piece signal between phase difference ( Time) . 4.This machine has two independent passways, are insulated from other outputs of this machine, can measure and take the electric contact conveniently, meet the on-line test of the electrical relay, the interstar connection is simple, safe. 5.This machine has adopted the delicate timing basic reference (10 microseconds) And 100 hours -long counting device, so can be regarded as the accurate millisecond meter and replaced the traditional stop watch alone. Third, characteristic 1.Because this machine has adopted microcomputer controlled, only there are 16 soft-touch controls on the faceplate, but various test functions of convenient completion, change and continue assuaring outdatedly the appearance must shut off the power, switch over a plurality of switches, the disadvantage of the conversion power source kind of ability is easy to operate. Machine this have self test also, offer wrong function, earth check while being convenient very much, maintenance. 2.This machine has overall self test, self-protection function, this machine is put into self test immediately after the starting up, in over load and when being overrange, the protective circuit will cut off and export and give out the sound, only remind fast, have reduced the unnecessary losses brought because of the fault-operation greatly. 3. This can take intensity to be high while being quick-witted, press a key only, can measure all parameters of the general purpose relay, and autotype all data and make you free from the test operation of the complicated out. 4.The functional display element of the local display screen, the working condition that the reflection that can be clear from the display screen is local. 5. The data that this machine prints all use Chinese characters, such as " attracting voltage " , " off voltage " , " time of normally open attracting " When. 6. Measurement is exchanged " Take the electric contact " ,This machine is judged whether to exchange zero or stylus movement through the special hardware by the computer, make test accurate. Fourth, main technical parameter 1, exchange the voltage output 0- 250V adjustably continuously, the capacity 600VA of the peak output, overrange to protect 260V, the error is ¡À 1%. 2nd, exchange Tap 0- 50A, 0- 100A is adjustable continuously, the error is ¡À 1%. 0- 50A hour, off load voltage 10V. 0- 100A hour, off load voltage 5V. Action current 120A of overload protection. 3, direct-current volts export 0- 250V to be continuously adjustable, the intersection of maximum current and 2A, overrange to protect 260V, overload protection action current 2.1A¡À 5%. Ripple factor S is less than or equal to 0.1% 4, DC current and export 0- 200mA 0- 5 A adjustably continuously, the error is ¡À 1%. 0- 200mA hour, off load voltage 48V, the action current 230mA of overload protection. 0- 5A hour, off load voltage 24V, the action current 5.2A of overload protection. 5, direct-current volts are exported fixedly While exporting 110V or 220V alone, electric current reachable 2.5A, but and the electric current of alternating current voltage, at the time of the simultaneous out of the direct-current volts. Its total capacity can't exceed 600VA, the error is ¡À 1%. 6, digital writing brush stop watch maximum scale value: The definition of 100 hours: Precision of 0.01 milliseconds: 1 of 0.01% ¡À7 word, the intersection of instrument and accuracy grade adopt quad bit half A/ D, change, the intersection of precision and 0.1% the intersection of reading and the intersection of ¡À and 1 word 8, complete machine survey accuracy: Less than or equal to 1% 9, volume: 440* 320* 280m m 10, weight: 18Kg

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