Corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump, chemical pump, the centrifugal pump of alloy of Fluorine

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FSXB the intersection of Fluorine and the intersection of alloy and centrifugal pump lead to the intersection of pump valve and factory the intersection of Wuxi and city ' ; tel: 0510-83300289; Contact: Zhang YaoMing) The organic patented product in Shanghai of Chinese Academy of Sciences of the beginning 90 years of production, the characteristic of the centrifugal pump of alloy of Fluorine: Able to bear strong corrosive acid, alkali, salt liquid, have long performance life, does not wear out, the advantage of decomposing etc. that there is no toxin, it is the ideal products in trades such as chemical industry, petroleum, pharmacy, smelting, papermaking, electric plating,etc., Fluorine the intersection of alloy and centrifugal pump suitable for - can transport arbitrary acid-base the intersection of salt and liquid dielectric of density for a long time under the temperature condition of 90-200 ¡æ. The sealing of the centrifugal pump of alloy of Fluorine adopts WB2 carborundum of British Glen's packing Company to seal. What enterprises awarded in the country of Jiangsu Province antisepticizes the production licence certificate unit of the apparatus, complete in specifications. Its staples is as follows, the steel liner moulds the compound pipeline. Pipe fittings. The steel liner moulds the apparatus, steel liner PO storage tank, storage tank, stores poor, container, tower section, reaction kettle, stiring the pot pan. Centrifugal pump of alloy of Fluorine, Fluorine alloy lining spherical valve, high-temperature heat conduction oil pump, pipeline shim,etc.

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