Energy-conserving control device of the lift

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The products: The electricity-saving appliance of the lift / energy-saving equipment / production firm of the control cabinet: Guangzhou protect electronic contact of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of tile: Li ShuJie The telephone number of promoting trade and investment: 13760629232 faxes: The address of 020-39388125 companies: Energy-conserving Scien-tech garden room 606-607 Fortune Building is fitted in the weather in Fanyu district of Guangzhou The serial product introduction of electricity-saving appliance of the escalator: " protect the tile doctor " The intellectual electricity-saving appliance of DP series escalator is our company, according to the motor control principle and technology of economizing on electricity of electrical machinery of the American-European mainstream, through a large amount of test on the spot, prove " protects the tile doctor " DP series the intersection of escalator and intellectual electricity-saving appliance to suitable for the intersection of Chinese market and applicable electrical machinery, economize on electricity product. Their key parts are all to import from foreign countries, in order to guarantee the reliability of stability and use of its quality. Electricity-saving appliance Technological principle: " protect the tile doctor " The intellectual electricity-saving appliance of DP series escalator is by the central controller (CPU) , original papers such as silicon controlled rectifier, triode thyristor,etc. make up, use digital control theory and technology, measure the apparatus running situation of the electric motor in real time. According to motor load ' Namely escalator have the intersection of people and many people after a little while) Change,thus it regulate it is of inputting electrical machinery can measure and supply electrical machinery electric energy right amount of the most on 1% second power, it. The dynamic output power of adjusting the electric motor is " Protect the tile doctor "The key technology of the electricity-saving appliance, thus make electric motor and apparatus run and remain all the time in optimal economic valent weight, purpose to achieve the electric motor and economize on electricity and run. On the premise of not changing the motor speed, voltage and electric current in the dynamic adjustment electrical machinery running process, output torque with actual load demand to guarantee electrical machinery match accurately, can avoid electrical machinery waste with electric energy led to the fact excessively to exert oneself effectively, to economize on electricity dynamically control function to have,can copper losses, core loss to reduce electrical machinery ^s valid, improve the start of the electrical machinery, shutting down characteristic, lengthen the life time of the electrical machinery. Between reachable 10-40% of power saving rate. The products characteristic of the electricity-saving appliance: 1. Europe's bright advanced technique, the authoritative organization of China authorizes. 2.Adopt the latest integrated chip technology, economize on electricity the result is obvious. 3.Soft turn on and relaxing shutting down on the function, very good protective action. 4.High-efficient while saving the electric rate, do not change the rotational speed of the electrical machinery, does not influence the normal operation of the apparatus. 5.Reduce the intersection of electrical machinery and core loss, copper damage machinery mix, decrease, lengthen the intersection of electrical machinery and life-span, reduce the intersection of electrical machinery and temperature, noise, improve the work environment; Best in quality, small, light, needn't attend to, safe and reliable manually." protect the tile doctor " The DP series electrical machinery electricity-saving appliance is suitable for not needing the AC induction motor of regulation speed in any. The electrical machinery of often changing load and often light load state, " Protect the tile doctor " The electricity-saving appliance can improve its characteristic and offer the energy-conserving space. " Protect the tile doctor " Electricity-saving appliance also can employ at high-performance electrical machinery, offer one extremely good soft start and relax efficiency and efficiency of economizing on electricity that shut down. " Protect the tile doctor " The electricity-saving appliance applicable power: Some cases that 5.5kW- 110kW [Chinese escalator economizes on electricity ]Square of Li Gulf of Guangzhou The fifth floor Armrest lift DP7.5 (7.5KW) Power saving rate 36.9-40% Square of Li Gulf of Guangzhou Second floor Armrest lift DP7.5 (7.5KW) Power saving rate 12-20% A new good store in Shenzhen Armrest lift PBC11(11KW) Power saving rate is 24.4% Shunyi Xidan Market of Beijing Armrest lift PBC11(11KW) Power saving rate is 35% The third floor of the mansion of boat of Shenzhen Armrest lift PBC7.5 (7.5KW) Power saving rate is 24% Strong tall building of Shenzhen is good and China Armrest lift PBC7.5 (7.5KW) Power saving rate is 25.9% People and underground store armrest lift DP7.5 (7.5KW) in Harbin Power saving rate is 20% Guangzhou ten thousand water chestnut square armrest lifts DP11(11KW) Power saving rate is 19.6% International armrest lift DP15(15KW) of Convention and Exhibition Center of Harbin Power saving rate is 19% Armrest lift DP7.5 (7.5KW) of shop of Hebei of day of Guangzhou of Guomei electrical appliance Power saving rate is 25% Company like product: ILUEST intellectual illumination adjusts and controls the device / NE serial intellectual illuminations and adjusts and controls the device, intellectual lighting control system, the energy-conservation of street lamp controls the device, electrical machinery soft actuator / electrical machinery protector, energy-saving device of the pumping unit / pumping unit power saving device electricity-saving appliance / energy-saving appliance / switch cabinet of festival / power saving device / electricity-saving controller / energy-saving equipment / control device

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