The intersection of oceangoing voyage and filter element quite

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Boat filter the intersection of apparatus and factory produce, suitable for concrete stir, stand, spend the filter element of dusting by various. Substitute WAM ' Majestic Emms) Dusting filter element. Can at all replace WAM ' Majestic Emms) The cleaner uses the filter element.

Install the form with filter element: The upper level loading type is side mounting type to hang the holding type card typely. . . . . .

Filter element end cap form: Flange type ( The iron is covered)Three is pawl type ' The iron is covered)Card type ' Polyurethane)Fasten installing type stir floor, spend ' Polyurethane)Square a filter element ' The dusting filter of the hopper is used)

Filter efficiency: 99.9%

Filter area: 1-47©O

Specified air flow: 60-4500m³ /h

Filtering material: Import / China's production

It is easy to dismantle the filter element so as to maintain fast. Can dismantle the filter element from the clean air end fast. The Integrated compressed air is cleaned systematically. Special air communtation assigns the module to guarantee the minimum pressure loss. The blowpipe has guaranteed the air ject efficiency of maximum. The air ject of special planning dries the systematic high limit to reduce and drop in pressure.

The filter element has stock for a long time, can offer and order the same day to deliver.

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