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Shenyang cable Co., Ltd. was established in July of 1998, it was the company born after the rearrangement of assets of cable factory of Shenyang that made enterprises. The new company inherits all quintessence of the assets of cable factory of Shenyang and share of the investments abroad, the total value of the assets cost 520 million yuan. Have technique center of national-level enterprise. The professional and technical personnel accounts for above the staff proportion 23% in company staff. The main products are as follows, electric cable, electricity equip the cable (including moving rubber one set of cables, mining rubber a set of flexible cables, ship cables, logging cable,etc.) , 6 big classes such as optic fibre optical cable, naked electric wire, cable attachment, 60 series, more than 300 varieties, more than 40000 specifications. The products all adopt the national standard standard to produce, the products quality certification system have passed Norway (DNV) Authentication of the bureau of shipping ISO9001. 110kV-500kV in the international most advanced level fills oil cable and attachment under high pressure, 63kV-220kV hands in and unites cable and attachment, there are no low smoke fire-retardant serial cables of bittern, nuclear grade of cables, belt cable, steel core aluminium entangle 22 new high-tech products such as the line, aviation wire win the title of national best, quality award from the ministry, quality award from the province separately, gain users' favor outside China. Gold ring brand serial products are appraised as the Chinese leading brand products of 1995, the gold ring brand trade mark was appraised as the famous trade mark of Liaoning Province, keep the production capacity of the annual output of 1,500 million yuan. The company successively invested more than 50 million dollars to carry on large-scale technological transformation and technology import, introduce the contemporary advanced technical equipment from Finland, Swedish, American, Japan, Italian, France, Belgium a dozen developed countries in a complete set, product quality is improving constantly, successively various electric wire cable products supplying market outside China with more than 15 billion yuan. The extensive one is applied to the national electricity, the energy, chemical industry, spaceflight, communication cause, the construction of port, vessel make, coal production, the intersection of building and the intersection of hall and in one's power hallIn, and find a good sale in other countries and regions of the world. Have won the praise of the masses of users. Enter 2007, the company, with " revitalizes the large northeast " The expansion of strategy, company staff unite as one, drive on to the new objective of the struggle boldly!

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