LZT one set of tube mutual inductors

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LZT one set of tube electric current mutual inductors

Sum up:

LZT suits of tube the intersection of electric current and mutual inductor suitable for, exchange the intersection of 35kV and switch, the intersection of case and the intersection of person who become and electric current, electric energy of apparatus, 10kV- of power system, measure with the computer protecting. This electric current mutual inductor installs the telescopic root of the apparatus of becoming in switch, case etc., have characteristic such as being small, light, easy to install, have already employed in electric equipment such as compact ring network switch cupboards, condensers,etc. extensively.

Become than the difference that, accurate grade and amount supported according to the electric current, this serial mutual inductors are divided as the following types, the concrete parameter sees every parameter table with corresponding type.


Specification size (mm)

A electric current range of amount

Specified load range

Weight (kg)


§¶ 117* §¶ 78* H35


Less than or equal to 12.5



§¶ 130* §¶ 82* H40


Less than or equal to 7.5



§¶ 130* §¶ 82* H80


Less than or equal to 10



§¶ 105* §¶ 71* H77


Less than or equal to 15


Type meaning:


C, in order to measure the winding; P, in order to protect the winding

Voltage grade of the cable

Design the serial number

Sleeve pipe type

The epoxy resin is poured

Mutual inductor of the electric current

Products material technical parameter:

Core: The intersection of nickel and the intersection of iron and high magnetic alloy, thickness less than or equal to 0.10mm / the intersection of Japanese and the intersection of silicon and thickness of steel sheet, 23ZDKH70 of Nippon Steel, less than or equal to 0.20mm

Filler: Strong to hate the swimming skill, is able to bear the surface and leaks electricity, be able to bear the electric arc saturation epoxy resin

Outer cover: The fire-retardant PVC shell TG is greater than or equal to 105 ¡æ

The electric parameter of the products:

Specified frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz;

Electric current two times of amount: 5A or 1A;

The hot electric current in short-term of amount: 40kA, 2s;

The hot electric current continuously of amount: 120%In;

The worker is able to bear pressing frequently: 3kV , 1min;

Instrument ensure safety coefficient ' Measurement) : FS is less than or equal to 10;

Accurate limit coefficient (protect) : 10P5, 10P10, 10P15,etc.;

Carry out the standard: IEC 185:1987, GB1208-2006, DL/T 725-2000;

The applicable environmental condition of the products:

Ambient temperature: -35 ¡æ- +55 ¡æ

Diurnal average temperature: Less than or equal to 40 ¡æ

The height above sea level: Less than or equal to 3000m

Filthy grade: Grade

The products are applicable to prove:

1,The telescopic root of network cupboard of ring, the electric current is measured and protected

2,The case turns into the telescopic root, the electric current is measured and protected

3,The telescopic root of condenser, the electric current is measured and protected

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