Double-stage multi-functional vaccum oil filter

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The ZLC type double-stage multi-functional high-efficient vaccum oil filter is higher than the production of national standard, set up the double-stage vacuum of the pumping rate oversize, can carry on profound level, purification fast to the insulating oil of all kinds of power equipment, play and remove the moisture, gas and impurity in the oil in hard vacuum, high pumping rate swiftly and high-efficient, improve the insulating strength of the oil greatly, shorten the oil and deal with time limit.

Application area
Extensively suitable for every profession and trade such as the power plant, hydropower station, utility, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, machinery, traffic, railway,etc., suitable for 110KV more than large-scale the intersection of voltage transformer and overhaul and new oil live of converting station, import getting rid of the harmful gas fast of oil especially ' For instance methane,etc.) ,Make the harmful gas close to not having. Decolorant adopted is nonpoisonous and harmless, design specialized device with additive, easy to operate. It is a physics that it decolorizes course, will not cause destroying to the oil, the treated oil can totally reach the international standard.

One filter spark-over voltage, can raise 45KV, reachable 75KV, reduce general oil filter heat, filter, lead to the fact the aging danger of oil many times after filtration three times.
The double-stage vacuum of large pumping rate, can meet and install or overhaul the scene to smoke the vacuous need to the body of the voltage transformer, and finish dehydrating and decolorizing dealing with to the degassing of the voltage transformer oil at the same time and shorten the oil greatly and deal with time limit.
Unique degassing, dehydration, take off the color system, adopt and evaporate technology stereoscopically, get rid of the moisture, gas and impurity in the voltage transformer oil high-efficiently, improve compressive strength and oil quality of the oil.
Superior filtering system, adopt Japan produce the intersection of sintering and felt, water, net filter element; Ultra high-accuracy filter element (precision is 0.1& micro which U.S.A. produces; m),Encrypt step by step, it is filtered that the multistep is accurate, filtering precision can reach the world-lead level: NAS4 grade. Life time as long as more than 1 year ' And but back flush) .
It is superior to dispose: The essential component is imported from countries such as U.S.A., Germany, France, Italy,etc., the electrical systems are all adopted and imported original packagingly, guarantee the high-performance safe operation of the apparatus, can work for 720 hours continuously.

Safe protection function of the chain that whole machines prepare

Advanced infrared rays tank level control system, full automatic control, man-machine detachable homework.

The overpressure of producing oil, fuel induction and heating system linkage, know auto-stop, call the police in overpressure, misoperation of producing oil. Normal operation of the safety features.

Purpose-built accurate oil pump, low-noise, requirement for environment protection of the full foot.

Automaticity is high, can adopt PLC full automatic control, the touch-sensitive screen is operated (exporting type) ,And there is dynamic display, can link with computer to operate.
Adopt one special decolorant, can take off regeneration, become similar to new oil color the intersection of deep color and aging the intersection of voltage transformer and color of oil, and design flexible discharge unit, time is short, with instant effect, consumption is little. Decolorize in vaccum condition, can save and regenerate and deal with the cost greatly, the waste residue does not pollute the environment (can be used in the building and build a wall and pave the way) ,Nonpoisonous and harmless.

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