De-carbonning device

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De-carbonning device ----The products principle:
Remove the apparatus of the free carbon dioxide of water quality in way that the air blast outgasses, water introduce the intersection of apparatus and upper portion, by spray equipment, flow through the intersection of packing and layers of surface, air lower draught enter in counter current wearing the intersection of packing and layer since. The underwater free carbon dioxide is analyzed and entered in air rapidly, discharge from the crest. Generally set up in water treatment process behind hydrogen ion exchanger and reverse osmosis apparatus, formulate it under the situation normally, after the de-carbonning device outgasses, the underwater and residual carbon dioxide is less than 5mg / liter. Technical requirement:
Operating temperature: 15- 65 ¡æ drenches the water density: The material of item 60m3/h m2: Plastics polyhedral clean shot or Raschig ring Other:
Offer other ancillary equipment of the de-carbonning device at the same time, such as accept water device, packing, water pipe sealing, related air blower,etc..

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