BT series count and show the torsion tester, count and show the torsion tester / electronic torsion test in Zhejiang

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BT series count and show the torsion tester

First, function:
BT number designs a kind of detecting instrument researched and developed to measure various torsion to shows the torsion tester. The applicable detection and correction part turning back destruction of different torsion are tested etc.. Used mainly for measuring various electronic torsion criticizing, torsion opener, screwdriver, torsion board hand and various instruments and products involving tightening strength, apply to electricity making, machine-building, car light industry and professional scientific research and measuring the trade extensively.

Second, special Click:
High precision, high stability, high-resolution;
Upper and lower limit can presume, have the mere warning device of sound;
Some configuration liquid crystal displays, the light in a poor light can be set up;
The torsion direction is discerned;
Three kinds of units N m, kgf cm, lb in convert automatically;
Many kinds of sharp point values keep;
The electric consumption of the power reveals that briefs low electric consumption on;
Not operating shut down automaticallying, unused time can be presumed;
Store and print 99 groups and test data, but remove arbitrarily;
Adopt USB interface to connect with PC, can measure in real time, measure the curve, and deal with the data: Such as printing, count etc.

Fourth, specification parameter:


Kg cm10.20/0.0120.40/0.0130.60/0.0151.00/0.01102.0/0.1204.0/0.151.0/0.11020/1Jan-403060.0/1Jan-00

1% of precision

Sampling frequency 1920Hz of peak value

Power 8.4V nickel hydrogen battery group 1.2VX7

Charge 4 of time- 6 hours

Battery continuous duration about 10 hour

The battery life-span is greater than or equal to for 300 times

Size 123mmX230mmX65mm

Net weight 2kg

The charger is input: AC 220V 50Hz exports: DC 10V 300mA

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