Test the case at low temperature high in GDJW-100 reversal

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This product is checkout equipments with indispensable domain such as aviation, car, electrical home appliances, scientific research,etc., the temperature environment used for it is tested that electron, electrician and other products materials carry on high temperature, low temperature, reversal or invariable to testing changes parameter and performance.

First, product specification:
The shape size D * W * H 450* 450* 500 in the type GDJW-100: mm
The shape size D * W * H 500* 600* 750 in the type GDJW-225: mm
The shape size D * W * H 700* 800* 900 in the type GDJW-500: mm
The shape size D * W * H 800* 1000* 1000 in the type GDJW-800: mm
The shape size D * W * H 1000* 1000* 1000 in the type GDJW-010: mm

Second, technical parameter:
1.Temperature range: 150 ¡æ0 ¡æ, -20 ¡æ150 ¡æ, -40 ¡æ-150 ¡æ, -60 ¡æ150 ¡æ, -70 ¡æ-
2.The temperature fluctuates and spends: Less than or equal to 0.5 ¡æ of ¡À
3.The degree of consistency of the temperature: Less than or equal to 2 ¡æ of ¡À
4.The temperature is offsetted: Less than or equal to 1.5 ¡æ of ¡À
5.Intensify the speed: 1.0- 3.0 ¡æ/ min
6.The speed of lowering the temperature: 0.7- 1.2 ¡æ/ min
7.Time presumes the range: 0- 9999 hours
8.The power is required: AC380 (¡À 10%) V/50HZ three-phase Line five made

Third, case body material:
1.The outer cover adopts the stencil plate numerical control machine tooling of high-quality A3 to shape, the surface of outer cover prevents the static from gushing out and moulding dealing with, show even more bright and clean, esthetically;
2.The inner gallbladder adopts the stainless steel board of surface of the mirror of high-quality SUS304;
3.Keep warm material select high the intersection of density and the intersection of glass fibre and cotton for use, heat preservation thickness 100mm;
4.The circulatory system of the temperature adopts the purpose-built air conditioner type fan electrical machinery of major axis with low noise, able to bear many wing type impellers of stainless steel of the high low temperature, in order to reach the intensity convection to spread to circulate vertically;
5.Adopting the double layers high temperature resistant pieces of sex sealing strip high between the door and body of case is airtight in the testing area in order to guarantee;
6.Not having the reaction door handle to adopt, operation is easier;
7.The machine bottom adopts the high-quality very fixed type PU movable wheel;
8.The viewing panel adopts the multi-layer hollow safety glass, the conductive membrane of inboard veneer a formula heats and defrosts (clear that observes the process of the test) ;
9.Test the hole (the left side of the machine) Can connect testing the cable or signal line uses (aperture or hole is counted and must be increased and needed to point out) ;

Fourth, control system:
1.Adopt South Korea to import " SP790 " The liquid crystal reveals that controls the instrument, the microcomputer P.I.D controls S.S.R to export and run, can presume the number of cycles;
2.Precision: 0.1 ¡æ(reveal the range) ;
3.Analyze degree: ¡À is 0.1 ¡æ;
4.Temperature sensing sensor: PT100 platinum resistance examines the warm body;
5.Control method: The temperature adjustment way of the thermal balance, all electric apparatuses are adopted (Snide) Series of products;
6.Temperature control adopts P.I.D + S.S.R system and channel to control in coordination, have function of making mathematical calculations automatically, can change the condition of the temperature to revise immediately, make temperature control more accurate and more steady;
7.After materials and experimental condition are input, the controller has fluorescent screens that locks the function, prevent people from shutting down for touching;
8.Test case go back draught have, defrost device automatically originally

Fifth, heat the system:
1.Adopt the alloy of far infrared nickel to heat the electric heater at a high speed;
2.The high temperature is totally systematic independently, no influence is tested at low temperature and reversal is tested;
3.The output power of temperature control makes mathematical calculations by the microcomputer, in order to reach the high-accuracy and high-efficiency power consuming benefit;

Sixth, system of refrigerating:
1.Compressor: Totally closed original packaging Thai health aircrew of France;
2.The way of refrigerating: Single (pair) The mechanism is cold ' Air-cooled type) ;
3.Condense the way: Force the wind to cool;
4.Refrigerant: R404A, R23 (environmental protection type) ;
5.Systematic pipeline make, keep in touch with, pressurize 48H stops leakage in the roof to test;
6.Heat, the system of lowering the temperature is totally independent;
7.Spiral cold matchmaker copper is managed inside;
8.Slope type evaporimeter;
9.Dry filter, cold matchmaker's flow window, repairing the valve, oil separator, electromagnetic valve, storing the liquid tube to adopt and import original packaging one;

Seventh, protect the system:
1,It is protected that the air blower is overheated;
2,The whole apparatus owes the looks / goes against and protects;
3,Refrigerate the intersection of system and overload protection;
4,Over systems of refrigerating pigeonhole and protect;
5,Timing of whole apparatus;
6,Cross and flow and protect;
7,Leak electricity, run, point out, shut down etc. and protect automatically after the fault alarm still while being other;

Eighth, apparatus service condition:
1.Ambient temperature: 5 ¡æ- + 28 ¡æ(average at or below 28 ¡æ in 24 hours)
2.Environmental humidity: Less than or equal to 85% R.H
3.Operating environment need, ventilate well in the room, machine put all 80 can't put things all around;

Ninth, accord with the standard: Consult GB/T10592- 2008, GB/T2423.1- 2008, GB/T2423.2- 2008, GB/T2423.4- 2008,etc. relevant standard and design making strictly;

Tenth, service promise: Deliver goods to the customers free, to this rigging up and debugging, do corresponding operation to train to the relevant technical staff free at user's scene, there are no limitations on the number of people.

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