Telephone set of Model KTH18

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Safe automatic telephone of the essence of Model KTH18

Telephone set Unexplosive telephone Magnetite telephone

Model KTH18 essence safe automatic telephone adopt modern electron technology and complete works succeed take in the circuit, it is the communication terminals of a kind of high performance, high reliability. It and KTA17 type safe coupler form a complete set, can match with Off-The-Shelf various the intersection of ground and switchboard or the intersection of deployment and central, make up the DH production scheduling communication system of the colliery.

The intersection of Model KTH18 and the intersection of essence and safe automatic telephone, can used in colliery to be DH, can also used in other high temperature, high wet, abominable work environment that pollute again extensively.

Leading particulars:

1,The outer cover of microphone adopts the anti-electrostatic material to be made, waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosion, the protection grade reaches IP65, it is a rugged environment very much that suitable for.

2,The installation of wall type, adopt the switch hook switching mechanism developed newly, there is not any movable spare part on the microphone.

3,The keyboard dabs the key set for Herba Euphorbiae Humifusae of the whole sealing tape, the ringing current calls out the sound lightshow, and there are emergency calls, hangs up and the heavy dial keys.

4,Have, converse from the intersection of gain to noise temperature ratio and regulating switch, can according to microphone and the intersection of deployment and distance of telephone exchange, regulate receiving/transmitting gain to noise temperature ratio, suitable for colliery to be DH to converse from long, the intersection of line insulation and bad situation.

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